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VancityBride, The gazebo is really pretty but there are people around.  Not that noticable though, due to the fabric that they hang off the end of the gazebo typically.  For the wedding I photographed, although it was in the sand next to the gazebo, there were probably 5-10 people that had stopped to watch.  Thankfully they were respectful and stayed back, so they were only in the photographs I took when I intentionally took pictures of them :)


The walking distance from the beach to the lobby is definitely a walk.  It's not TERRIBLE, especially as the bride and groom, as I assume you'll be taking pictures.  At least that's what we did.  We took pictures during our walk to not only get awesome shots, but then you don't even notice how long of a walk it is.  Without photos, I'd say a five minute walk if you're going casually.

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I have sent a few e-mails to this resort asking for photos of their set-ups, flower arrangements and venues, but all they send me back is a booking form. I have explained that i dont want to book untill i have seen what the resort has to offer but they just send me another booking form. Is anyone able to help with any pictures.







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So im trying to finalize some of our wedding plans and its getting dificult. I found a photobooth our there for a good price, and I message elizabeth asking if it was ok if it came on the resort property and she told me that it would be $100 per person!! Im hoping she is referring to a day pass for the phtobooth assistant and not $100 per person for all my guests. That confused me. Then I asked if there would be champagne included after the ceremony and she said that its $10/per person. Im starting to see that they charge you for everything. I was at a wedding the Domincan last year and they were so good about things like that. Its making me frusterated.  How is your planning coming along. have you had any issues with this kind of stuff??

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yes we ate there last time we vacationed and it was good, the gazebo at the far end is the best I agree with you. we saw numerous weddings as well and asked many questions when we were there send me your pics


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    • Sorry you had to deal with this I hoped it worked out. It seems to be every few months a new store will be in the  'if' stage and to the 'when' stage.  Big businesses like this don't notify the employees or customers before they close down...that would cause even more losses.  One day there are signs on the door and the business is done.  And lots of people (employees and customers...not to mention the creditors that they owe millions to) get screwed immediately with little help to be found anywhere.  Look at alfred angelo, although they had less retail stores than David's Bridal, they may have had more sales than them as a company.  They were the largest manufacturer of dresses and were carried by thousands of independent stores across the world (not just the 60+ branded stores they had).  If you google search Davids Bridal going bankrupt, they are listed on all the sites that post retail stores on life support.  They have more debt than they will be able to service in 2019 and the only question right now is if they'll make it that far.  Once the debt comes due, it's almost a 100% certainty that the company will be done.  But it's also more probable than not that the bankruptcy will happen much sooner than that.  The argument about them getting a new line or how big they are isn't a good argument if you look at the history of how these normally happen.  Alfred Angelo had a brand new line of dresses that never even hit the stores but were made overseas already...those all made their first appearances at the liquidation auctions.  I'm not trying to scare anyone here, but just trying to make sure that people understand that when a company gets to this point, it's definitely a roll of the dice if you are ordering something that you can't take home today.  How much of a risk?  That's hard to say, but I am extremely confident that the pain felt when alfred angelo closed 61 stores will be even greater when Davids Bridal closes 300+ stores…and when there are other great discount dress stores out there like Bridepower or Vows Bridal Outlet on the East Coast or Brilliant Bridal in the West (and plenty of others as well), I don’t think I would personally recommend any of my friends to take that risk!  But that’s just me:)
    • Hello all!! I'm planning to get married next week. I'm working in an MNC and I'm gonna marry my colleague who is in my company. It's been ten months since we have started our relationship. He used to support in all my difficulties and used to help me in my work. Always he used to tell me about my smile. He says that I have a very good smile and he loves it. Recently I lost my front tooth after an accident and it resulted in a bad look for me. He told me that I lost my beautiful smile. I was totally disappointed and thought of finding a solution. I heard about dental dentures and took an appointment at a clinic in Scarborough. Will dentures affect my speech? What was your experience of getting dentures? 
    • Go for the third one. It is gorgeous and you will look stunning in that. I'm sure you will be noticed by other people. Go for it.
    • I would suggest the long one. You will look stunning in that. It is simple and elegant.
    • Both the gown are awesome and I'm sure you will look gorgeous in both. But I would suggest the first one. Go for it and Congratulations for your marriage.
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