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  1. I am now 4 weeks away from my wedding and still not getting any replies from the wedding co-ordinators. Is anyone else having the same problem or is it just me being ignored?
  2. Lucasdrotar, How long before travelling did you get your contract through. Thankyou
  3. Hi karica, Did you get to sign anything to make it look more realistic at the ceremony? Did you have any witnesses sign anything? Did you get a certificate of any sort? Sorry for the questions I'm just worried about how realistic the symbolic ceremony is as we've told everyone were actually getting married here. Thanks !
  4. Thanks frantic bride. I'm a bit worried that they will tell me I can't have what I have requested when o get there or that they will sting me with silly charges when I get there?
  5. Can anyone tell me how long you waited to get your contract through from the resort. I havnt had one yet and my wedding is in 4 months. Thanks
  6. Does the resort offer centrepieces? where did you get pictures and prices for them?
  7. Can someone help, i'm confused ??? 1) I have booked the Thai beach club for my reception and have asked if it is ok to take speakers for my ipod instead of paying for a dj. I was told that this was ok but that there is a charge of $280 per hour for an audio system. Does this mean that i have to pay $280 for every hour that i want to play my ipod on my speakers that i have plugged in? 2) I have then been told that it is $25 per person for 1-2 hours for a domestic party. Does this mean they are going to charge me this on top of the $4000 i am paying to be in the thai beach club for 4
  8. So did you have a meal in a restaurant and then the party on the beach? or did you have your meal on the beach also? Thanks
  9. Oh my gosh, I can't belie they made you pay for someone else meal? That is unbelievable. The more I hear the more I am looking at other resorts. Did you just agree to pay it or did you speak to the management? It sounds like these guys don't know good business, by getting you to buy someone else's dinner and the other silly charges I have heard about, I feel they have lost my business. Which at 30 people for 2 weeks, from the uk, is approximately $70,000.00. I guess this hotel must be experiencing the same financial troubles as the rest of the worlds business'.
  10. This is getting ridiculous. What is this woman playing at? I think i am going to find another resort. What you pay is certainly not worth what they are offering for me.
  11. Thanks for your reply stephanie. Is it not $100 for adults and $50 for children at the chill out? i got an email a while back from one of the co-ordinators saying that?
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