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Cheap find for OOT bags, BM's or yourself!:-)

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Hi there,


I apologize if this site has already been discussed somewhere (I didn't find anything when I did a search...)

BUT, a girl I work with just ordered a whack of stuff from:


eyeslipsface.com | elf cosmetics | cosmetics | makeup | elf | eyes lips face | elf makeup | eyeslipsface


And it was all really nice!

They have SUPER cheap make-up (obviously not Dior quality or anything -- but still really good!)...almost everything is $1...yep -- you read that right -- $1! (even make-up brushes!)


I just ordered about 20 of the candy-tin lip balms to give to my female guests (and a few things for myself:-))


They ship to Canada and the US (of course, Canadians have to pay a bit more...sigh)...


Thought someone else out there might benefit!


Happy make-up buying:-)

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Well, I haven't tried a LOT of the products, but I have tried the mineral powder foundation, concealer and eyeshow, as well as the "kabuki" brush..

And all are excellent...The brush is definitely as good quality as one I bought for a lot more at a boutique make-up store...and I've had compliments on my make-up when wearing the mineral make-up...


If you go on the site, there are reviews that users have posted on each product which could help you decide...


Though I figured for gift bags, I couldn't go wrong with $1 a lip gloss:-)

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