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Shot Glasses & Sunscreen

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Hi.... it's probably here somewhere but couldn't locate. Those of you that have order sunscreen and/or shot glasses for your OOT bags, can you refer me to a place to get these items? I've been looking around for sunscreen and well its kinda expensive...Did you go with a travel size or regular and where from?

And any site or place for the personalized shot glasses?


Thanks in advance.

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Here is a listing from the same seller, but it is only for one bottle and costs $6.95...eBay: Aloe Up SPF30 Serious Sunscreen Waterproof Aloe Based (item 250043940764 end time Mar-27-07 16:34:54 PDT)


I guess I just found mine on a lucky day. You might want to watch ebay. Just watch the expiration date, sometimes the product is old. My expiration date on mine isn't until 5/08.


Also, if you have a 99 cent store near you, you could try there, but I didn't like their sunscreen as much.


Good luck!

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I have been looking for sun that was travel size & I came across this:


Fruit of the Earth Block Up! Pro Burn Relief, 100% Aloe Gel, 2oz.


And i"ve been thinking about the sunscreen, although a nice thought, most people will have or can find easily. But After Sun relief, may be something poeple forget, and may not be able to find at the destination. These are 2 ounce Aloe Burn releif for .99 :)

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hi brenda,


i totally stalked sunscreen off ebay...it was so fun...my DH thought i was insane because i would jump around the house screaming "I WON!" he thought i won the lottery or something but i was like "no, i just won 20 bottles of sunscreen".


i miss those days.


also, try not to get the jumbo sizes because they are just too humongous but if i did get stuck with those bigs ones, i would just give them to a family.

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