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New and looking for a dream wedding spot!


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Hi all!


I am Jennifer, and fairly newly engaged. No dates or locations yet and I am here to get reviews, opinions and hopefully some insight into WHERE to get hitched ;-).


We are an active couple, we love the outdoors and the beach, but we also want somewhere where we can be active...be it water and land sports/activities. After a few days of being lazy in the beach I am ready for things to DO and SEE! I want lush beauty and superior service...all this for as reasonably priced as I can get! But I am only doing this once, so I am willing to stretch myself!


Any help? Hints??


Thanks in advance-


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Hi Jennifer! We've been advised that if you're considering Mexico, Playa del Carmen is the way to go. It's the area with the most activities along with picturesque scenery. We're an active couple too, looking to stay for two weeks so we'll need lots of activities besides our wedding. LOL We're leaning toward THE ROYAL in Playa del Carmen. There's a thread in the Mexico area all about it. Lots of great info. Welcome, and hope this helps you get started!

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We were married in Jamaica and loved it! Lots of activites and the scenery is beautiful!


You can also check into places like Belize and Costa Rica that focus on eco-tourism.


I would say as a first step, write out a wish list of everything you want. Next, come up with a budget and work to make those two things gel together.


Have fun searching the forum! Good luck!

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