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MAC compute users-Help!


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smile124.gifI was hoping there were some BDWers who could help me decide which software to purchase for my macbook. I'm a now full time student S&M.gif

and 3 online classes + one I attend in person. I have a macbook and a dell xps desktop. I want to get software that will make things easier for me when I am up late at night on my laptop doing schoolwork so I don't have to use my pc and disturb my FI while he's sleeping, and emailing files to my desktop is not convenient and causes me more time to edit. So, which software would you get..Pages or 2008 Microsoft office for MACs? Plus, I would love to be able to do cool things like on MS Publisher for which I'm using a trial run on my PC.


Hopefully someone can help...Thanks!

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Originally Posted by Maura View Post
honestly, you need both microsoft office (for regular stuff) and pages (for the amped up cool stuff like MS publisher does).
Yikes, I was afraid of that! Ihave the entry level laptop, I hope I have enough memory. I'm only literate in websurfing...LOL
Originally Posted by beachbride08 View Post
I just have MS Office on mine. You'll be able to take advantage of the student discount if you are a FT student so you might want to get both.
The discount rocks, I received 10% off my macbook!

Originally Posted by teacherbride View Post
I really like office as well. My computer is loaned to me through my school so I really don't have a choice in software. What I am missing is a good photo editing tool, photoshop is super handy if you use a digital camera at all.
Thanks. I'll have to keep that in mind since I have pics I will want to adjust after the wedding.
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