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Best Way to Announce Wedding to Those Not Attending

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Finally, after months of "number crunching" and calling local vendors, FI and I decided that a DW would be best. We will be married at the new RIU in Montego Bay on December 6th. Many of my current and former coworkers are aware that I will be getting married and while they will not be able to attend, they do want to know about my plans. One of my coworkers ask that I send him an invite eventhough he will not be invited because he wanted to buy something for us off of our registry.


So, my questions is, what type of announcement/invitation/STD can I send to those who just want to know about our plans and wish to buy us a gift?



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I agree. If you start sending out STD's and invites, some people are going to get the wrong idea and think they are invited. I would just go with the wedding announcement, and then if they want to buy you a gift, they can do so after you get back!

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I would just send out an announcement to the people that weren't invited after your destination wedding. It could be a simple announcement which you cold mail out prior to your wedding, or you can put one together with a picture from your dw. If you set up a wedding website you can list the places you are registered at on the website, but I wouldn't include it on the invitation or announcement. I wouldn't give anyone an invitation that wasn't invited unless you just bring one into work to show your co-workers what it looks like.

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