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We sent our guests really nice STD's a year before our wedding and everyone loved them. Our guest list is only family and consists of about 40 people (including children.) After much thought and discussion we have decided that we are not going to send out traditional formal invitations. This will help us save $ and is also one less thing to worry about getting done. That being said....I want to send all the guests an email that they could respond to with their personal info to help us get the details settled for the wedding. Mind you I am TERRIBLE at computer stuff - what is the best way to put something together that will be colorful and incorperate our logo while also allowing people to respond to the questions I need answers to? Please help if you can....


As far as wording I was thinking of saying something like this, let me know if you have any tips as far as wording or questions I should ask:


We hope that you have Saved the Date,

It's come the time - details can not wait,

Your answers to the questions below,

Will help us plan an awesome trip to Mexico!


1) Who's comming? Please list the names of those who will be traveling south of the boarder with us!


2) When will you get there? Airline, as well as date and time of arrival and departure info would be very helpful.


3) What sounds good? For our reception, let us know who would like to order Beef vs. Fish. Children's meals will ordered for the little ones!


4) Can we play a song for you? Give us a list of some of your favorite tunes to dance to!

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Great suggestion about the evite website - I spent the afternoon getting this all set up and have already emailed them to all my guests. It is going to work perfectly since I was able to ask my guests all the questions I wanted answers to - thanks for the advice - you girls rock!smile159.gif

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Yeah! This is AWESOME! I sent the evites out last night and have all ready gotten several responces. My guests are able to tell me about their flight info and which meal they would like for our reception and give me a list of the songs they would like to hear at the reception. Talk about instant responce! And best of all it was FREE! Now I don't feel so bad about spending more than I wanted on their OOT bags (I would rather spend it on something they can use while on the trip rather than postage!)smile159.gif smile29.gif smile159.gif

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