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A Big Thank You

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I just want to say that all of you ladies are fantastic. I am getting so many helpful hints and ideas. This forum has save my life....every question I have has been answered...I feel I don't post enough because I always find what I am looking for.

I was so lost when it came to my OOT bags and now I have such a list of stuff to check out...websites to go on....stores to go visit


I got help with where to go for my STD magnets which I am waiting for..they should be here from Vistaprint any day now. I will post a picture when they get here.


I got templates for my Boarding Pass Invites.


I have one of the girls making my monogram for me!


I was really dreading planning this wedding...as I think my FI has been way more into it than I have...I call him "Bridezilla"


I am finally getting excited for my wedding...


Truthfully I wanted just us and our son and maybe a couple friends in Hawaii...which has now turned into a grand affair in the Dominican...On his side their are 80 ppl invited...my side 20...lol...I didn't invite extended family....it is expensive and most won't go...after 20 ppl I have to pay 65 a person....so I figure out of my 20 maybe 10 will go.....we'll see about his side


I am having a reception here when I get back...everyone is invited to that...extended family etc....I think that is fine.


Sorry...my thank you just turned into me moaning and groaning! Sorry!


Back to my point. THANK YOU for making me start to enjoy planning this wedding...you have no idea what it means to me.....thewave.gif

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I am so glad that this forum has been able to help you out so much. When I first joined I had some ideas, but I have soooooo many now! This forum has helped many along the stressful journey of planning a wedding!

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I agree with you all! I have been on this site since last October and have gotten so many great ideas! Besides wedding stuff - the women and few men are always so supportive!

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