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Talk to me about Tarot Cards...


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I know that this is silly but......


Yesterday a friend and I were having drinks at this place and there was a tarot card reader. At first we were like ha ha- and next think you know I;m shelling out $25 for 15 mins.


I always try to take these things with a grain of salt but she was REALLY EERILY on with several aspects of my life. There were several moments where she would pause and say "ok, I'm just going to tell you what the cards are saying.." and then drop a little bomb like


lady: you guys are getting married right?

me: yea

lady: not this year though right?

me: may 2009

lady: oh you have a date picked? hmm I'm getting some ambiguity. Like he's feeling confused and a lot of pressure. If the date gets changed don't freak out just go with it. This man is darling and he absolutely adores you. This isn't an issue about you it's timing. smile43.gif


I mean I laughed because what groom doesn't feel pressure I guess... but... I don't know I feel a little funny. I talked to Fi about it last night. I'm being a little crazy right?

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I used to read tarot cards just for fun (I was in high school).


I don't know what to tell you. Personally I'm not a big believer in that stuff. I mean I think people can possess the ability to sense things, but tarot cards, psychics in the malls, etc... it's just parlor tricks in my opinion. I wouldn't give it too much thought. It's a pretty general statement that can be applied to almost any guy.. or any person getting married!

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Dont stress...I went to a tarot card reader 6 years ago and she said I was going to be married before I turn 21....I'm now 24....so as you can see it didn't happen...lol....i think the more you stress about it then the more it will come true because you will be second guessing you FI and he might start thinking it's true...dont worry you'll be getting married may 23 2009.... :)

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My Mom went to a palm reader/psychic/whatever a long time ago and told me of her experience. They had never met, but she knew that she had 3 daughters, all with blond hair and green eyes (we all do which is weird considering we all have different dads with dark hair). She also read that her life line was short. Well, she passed away at the age of 52 so I'd say this lady was eerily on the money...


I've always wanted to go to one of these places (even if just for fun!).

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