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Beach Palace in Cancun???

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i don't know much about Beach Palace but it belongs to the same chain called Palace Resorts. A lot of brides are getting married in Moon Palace (me included) and I think they're wedding packages are pretty much the same. Their website is really helpful.


For resort info, try Tripadvisor!

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Originally Posted by Lindsey View Post
Don't Panic!!! I am doing a Sky Terrace Wedding in July 09. The sky terrace is the only option as far as a wedding location because there is virtually no beach at the Beach Palace- ironically! I will send you a private message with the details for the Resort- which I have on my wedding website. I am working with Valeria at the Beach Palace and she is the SWEETEST thing!!! How many guests are you planning on having?
Hey Lindsey!!!!

I'm getting married there on July 11, 2009. I'm glad you loved the site visit....you make me feel soooo much better. I would love to hear/see anything you have from there. I spoke to Valeria for the first time today. She said she would try to send the Intro letter?? to me as I am ready to start planning the actual event. Do you have here email by chance? She took mine over the phone but I'm also guessing it was copid done incorrectly. So tell me everything!!! It is so nice to talk to another bride getting married there. I like it becasue it was within the hotel zone, modern, and close to numerous things. By the way....congrats on your big day!!!

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The Beach Palace is amazing! I have pictures of it on our wedding website, which I don't mind sending. Just shoot me a PM and I will get it over to you.


I do have Valeria's contact info- however, do not be shocked if it takes her days- sometimes a week or so to get back to you. She doesn't always fully answer your questions either. Her email is: vvera@palaceresorts.com

She is much nicer in person than what she seems via email. I think it is the language barrier that sometimes presents challenges.


Some of the opportunities that we have found with the Beach Palace:

1) The beach is almost non-existent here. You might be able to get a lounge chair on the beach if it is a good day. (Check some of the recent pics from Trip Advisor.)

2) Many of our guests are balking at the cost because it is one of the most expensive resorts in Cancun (like the 3rd or 4th highest)

3) The resort itself is not very big. If you are looking for a place that is expansive- this is certainly not the right resort for you.

4) If you are booking through a group contract- be prepared for your guests to become irritated with the cost being less outside of your group contract. (It is the air/resort combo that lowers the price)

5) Everything that you purchase directly from the resort is outrageous!!! (For example- fireworks range from $400-$1300) Fire dancers are $1200


The perks of the Beach Palace:

1) Very close to tons of things- restaurants, night clubs, shopping, other resorts, etc.

2) BEAUTIFUL!!! Very modern and clean.

3) Most amazing wedding terrace. A similar place in Cabo will cost you $40000!!!! (Saw it on Platinum Weddings!)

4) Very nice staff.

5) Cozy if you are looking for a way to force your guests to mingle.

6) Spa is breathtaking!!!

7) Having access to all other Palace Resorts

The Sky Terrace is completely closed off to all other resort guests, so no strangers in your wedding pictures!!!

9) One more....the website says that you cannot ship things, but talk to Valeria- she will let you. I am still not shipping valuables- just for fear of them not making it. Maybe some table decor, etc.


I think that pretty well summarizes! Let me know if you have any other questions!!!


Happy Planning!!!

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Ok ladies....here we go. I am posting the link to all of the resort pics that I took in September, as well as a picture from the Sky Terrace...which is my absolute favorite!!! Feel free to check out the link for all of the rest of the pictures!!!

lindseyandbryan/Beach Palace - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Note that the wedding terrace is actually the one on the very top...with the Sky Terrace being the reception location....I hope this helps!!!!


Click the image to open in full size.

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Hello Ladies-

I am also a Beach Palace bride. So far the only thing that we have done is sign our contact and pay the first deposit. I was told that someone would contact me in March to discuss optional services. Has anyone received a list of optional services? For those getting married after April, have you had the otpion of selecting anything other than the date? I sent an email to my wedding cord with a list of questions, but It's only been a few days. I hope to get a reply soon. Has anyone been married at Beach Palace and is willing to answer any questionshuh.gif??

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Hi Laura and Matt! Unfortunately, I have yet to find any brides who have actually gotten married at the Beach Palace. I think I might have answers to a few of your questions.


* The optional services are listed on the Palace Weddings website. I will get you the link. (They are referring to private functions, cakes, table decor, centerpieces, favors, etc.)


* Usually they will not set you up with an on-site coordinator until a month before, but I had the opportunity to meet my on site coordinator in Sept. when I went for my site visit and she and I just email back and forth. She has gotten me a ton of things- IE- prices for fire dancers, fireworks, etc.


* If you would like to list your questions, I can probably help answer some of them because I took 4 pages of typed questions when I met with Valeria.


* Generally, email communication is slow. It took 2 weeks before I heard anything back. Expect that as you get closer to your date, that the response time should improve.



Optional Services below:

Table top flower arrangement Starting price $85.00

Bridal bouquet(view samples ) Starting price $140.00

Groom’s boutonniere (view samples ) Starting price $40.00

Corsage Starting price $45.00

Maid of honor bouquet Starting price $115.00

Tiara Starting price $70.00

Large cake Starting price $210.00 (Depending on # of guests and decoration)

Small cake $85.00 (Up to 10 guests)

Domestic champagne $25.00 p/bottle

DVD of ceremony $360.00

Photo package A $280.00 (36 pictures 4”x6” + one 6"x8" + album)

Photo package B $380.00 (42 pictures 6"x8" + album)

Photography C (Black & White) $350.00 (24 pictures 4”x6” + album)

Photography D $480.00 (62 pictures 6" x 8 " + album)

CD of photography $150.00

Religious non-denominational ceremony $290.00 (in addition to cost of package)

Shipping (Photos, DVD, documents) Starting price $45.00

Mexican Trio $420.00 during the ceremony

Mariachi $500.00 during the ceremony

Classical Duet $500.00 during the ceremony

Classical Trio $1,140.00 during the ceremony

Soloists (flute, saxophone, violin, pipe) $380.00 during the ceremony

Harpist $430.00 during the ceremony

Jazz trio $800.00 during the ceremony

Extra copies of marriage certificate $13.00 each

Hair Style for the bride $50.00

Make-up session for Bride $50.00

Day pass for guests not staying at Palace Resort $84.00 (does not include private function)

Other fees apply for live music for private events. Ask you wedding planner for more information.

Cocktail party after ceremony












Private wedding function

(Palace Resorts guests non-group bookings)


From 10 to 20 $400.00

From 21 to 30 $600.00

From 31 to 40 $800.00

From 41 to 50 $1,000.00

Above prices are for 1 hour of cocktail reception including cold hors d'oeuvres and open bar.



$400.00 per table of 10 guests.

Includes standard decor. (Tablecloth and napkins).

Event includes function space, menu, 2 hours of open bar service.

Buffet and platted dinner services require a minimum of 20 guests.

Platted dinner is offered in indoor areas only.

Additional hour of staff service is $60.00 per table.




Upgrade Photo Packages (*)


E) This package includes photos of ceremony, groom & bride, family session and 2 hours of reception


100 color photos 6" x 8" +


Five 8" x 10" + album +


CD of photography $780.00


F) This package includes photos of ceremony, groom & bride, family session and 2 hours of reception


100 color photos 6" x 8" +


24 black & white photos 5" x 7" +


5 photos 8" x 10" +


Album +


CD of photography $1,080.00


G) This package includes photos of ceremony, groom & bride, family session and 3 hours of reception


150 color photos 6" x 8" +


36 black & white photos 6" x 8" +


5 photos 8" x 10" +


Album +


CD of photography $1,560.00


(*) This packages are available when purchasing packages A, B, C or D.




Basic Photo Package


100 color photos 6" x 8" +


Five 8" x 10" + album +


CD of photography $900.00


Superior Photo Package


100 color photos 6" x 8" +


24 black & white photos 5" x 7" +


5 photos 8" x 10" +


Album +


CD of photography $1,200.00


Deluxe Photo Package


150 color photos 6" x 8" +


36 black & white photos 6" x 8" +


5 photos 8" x 10" +


Album +


CD of photography $1,800.00







Package A

·Table top flower arrangements (Set of 3)1

·Photo package A

·DVD of ceremony

·Hair Style

Price: $870.00


Package B


·Bridal bouquet1

·Photo package A

·DVD of ceremony

Price: $820.00

Package C

·Photo package B

·DVD of ceremony



Price: $810.00


Package D

·Photo package B

·Table top flower arrangements (Set of 3)1

·Bridal Bouquet1

Price: $710.00

Package E


·Bride’s make-up session

·Back Massage (25 Minutes)


·Photo package A

·DVD of ceremony

Price: $850.00



1Additional cost may apply depending on selection of requested flowers.





Prices in US dollars. Optional services & optional bridal packages don't generate commission to Travel Agents.



Wedding guests residing at a non Palace Resorts property are required to purchase a day pass. Palace Resorts reserves the right to limit the number of day passes sold once the property has reached its maximum capacity.


Private functions, religious ceremonies, music services and tuxedo rentals must be reserved at least 60 days prior to the wedding date.


Outside vendor services (photographers, florists, decor companies, audiovisual companies, entertainers, etc.) are not permitted on premises. Palace Resorts will provide our guests with a variety of in-house services to choose from.


Payment Policy : A 50% deposit of the complete package is required 14 days after written contract is received. Final payment is due 30 days prior to ceremony.

A cancellation penalty of $300.00 will apply to all wedding packages if reservation is cancelled within 45 days of wedding date.


Payments should be made to:



Attn: Wedding Department

8725 NW 18th Terrace Suite 301

Miami, FL 33172


Visa and Master Card also accepted


Prices are subject to change without notice.


Palace Resorts Weddings


Hope this helps!


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Congrats Lauraand Matt!!!!


I am also getting married at Beach Palace in July and I just spoke to my wedding coordinator who is also Valeria this past week. Lindsey has been extremely helpful in passing along useful information. I am also in the process of getting a price qoute from Deco Cancun for the reception set up. I plan on having the cocktail hour on the Sky Terrace.

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Lindsey & bumble27


Thank you for the information. I have searched the internet and have not been able to find anyone that has gotten married at Beach Palace. I have received several different photos of the wedding location from my wedding cord, but would like to talk to someone that has been married there! Are you also staying at the Beach Palace? We decided to stay at the Cancun Palace for our trip and provide transportation to the Beach Palace the day of the wedding. I did see the optional price list on the internet, but may be interested in somethings that are not listed on the internet. Do you guys know if we can bring in our own decorations for the reception? On the site visit, did they tell you that you could have your reception on the sky terrace too? We are only having about 15 people attend, so our group is going to be small. I would like a private reception, if possible. I am hoping that Claudia, my wedding cord, will respond to my email soon. I know that everything will turn out perfect, I just want answers to my questions. :)


Thanks again for your info!


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