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Hi Ladies,

Here are the pages I think I want for the website we just started:

  1. Homepage
  2. Engagement Story
  3. Planning Blog
  4. Photos
  5. Wedding Party
  6. Why the Riviera Maya?
  7. Travel & Hotels
  8. Ceremony
  9. At Home Reception
  10. Registry
  11. Guest Book
  12. Contact US
  13. RSVP

Have I hit everything or an I missing some info? Thanks, Carla wink.gif

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I love weddingwindow.com!! I just got started on our site upon our return from Jamaica. It is still very much a work in progress. However, in addition to the ones noted above, we are using:


Wedding events

Gift registry

Photo album



I feel strongly about the FAQ and photos. I think it will help out alot to have this info for guests. Both sides of our family are detail people who will ask a bunch of questions, so we are trying to think of those in our approach to the FAQ portion of the site. Photos will help to sell the physical location, I think.

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We did the following:


Home Page

Our Story

Wedding Party

Photo Galleries

Wedding Events



Booking Information

Travellers Information and Packing Suggestions

Cuba - Who is going?


Contact Us



Feel free to take a peek at our site

Chad & Amy - wedding website by mywedding.com


I had a blast doing it!


Please don't copy without giving the author credit - it took me a long time to put this together.

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Originally Posted by candiekiss View Post
I was checking out your website b/c I'm using mywedding.com too and on the wedding events page I saw those white sandals in the sand and LOVED them. Are those your wedding shoes and if so where did you get them. Thanks!
Yep those are my wedding shoes. :)

My FSIL found this site that sells them (Honeymoon Flip Flops Say "Just Married" - Bridal Flip Flops - Bride Sandals - Wedding Flip Flops) but I think if you google just married flip flops you will probably find a lot more sites. Carla wink.gif
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