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Here is a packing list I got from a person on Cruisecritic, it is specifically for cruising guests but I'm sure a lot of things still apply so you can pick and choose what is helpful for you:


Suggested Cruise Packing List




2-3 Swimsuits & a swimsuit cover-up

(also, if you have an SPF board shirt, it will come in handy for snorkeling)

Note that Beach Towels are provided by the ship; no need to bring your own.


2-4 Shorts


5-7 T-shirts, Tank Tops


1 pair jeans (long pants & socks are required if you want to go ice skating)


Pajamas, Underwear, socks


Hat, Visor, Sunglasses


Windbreaker, or a light sweater or jacket.


Workout clothes (the gym is nice!)


Sandals or Flip-flops; Tennis shoes or good walking shoes


Water Shoes – inexpensive water shoes work fine; they are needed for Dunnâ€s River Falls



Dinner Clothes


Normal attire for the dining room – 4 nights of the cruise:

remember the rules: No Shorts, Tank Tops or Jeans in the dining room:


•MEN: a collared shirt (aloha shirt, any button down, or a polo shirt are all good) & slacks (Dockers are fine)

•WOMEN: skirts, sundresses, capri pants, blouses (sleeveless tops are ok for girls). You may want a light sweater, in case it is cold in the dining room.


Formal attire for the dining room – 2 nights of the cruise:

These dress-up nights are a lot of fun & a great opportunity for pictures.


•MEN: youâ€ll see everything from tuxes to suits to sportcoats to shirts & ties with a nice pair of dress slacks & dress shoes.

•WOMEN: again, youâ€ll see a variety from cocktail dresses, to long gowns, to evening pants with fancy blouses


The first night in the dining room:

Weâ€d like everyone to wear what they wore to the wedding – that way we can get some great dinner pictures for the wedding book.






Personal Items

Prescription meds – in the original container


Glasses or contacts


*** note that Hairdryers are provided in the rooms




Miscellaneous items that come in handy on a cruise

Camera & Charger

Disposable Water Camera

Power Strip or Extension Cord – note that there is usually only 1 power outlet per cabin

Bathroom Spray



Alarm Clock

Insulated mugs are handy to keep your drinks cold out by the pool.

A few clothespins for drying clothes in the shower



As far as traveling by plane, here are some recommendations:



Take on the Plane






Cell Phone (and chargers) – check with your carrier about fees in the Caribbean

Prescription Meds

PASSPORTS (or Birth Certificate & Picture ID) / Plane Tickets / Confirmations


Anything you need for the wedding (just in case luggage gets lost, carry wedding clothes on).


Wait until we are at the port to put your cruise luggage tags on your bags, else they may get sent straight from the airport to the cruise terminal…. A day too early!


And, in that same vein of potential lost/delayed luggage….. I always carry on a few items of clothing for the trip, that way you can enjoy Cocoa Beach on Saturday, even if your luggage is delayed….:





•Shorts & t-shirt or tank top


***** My suggestion for flyers is that each take a backpack + either a roll-on bag or a garment bag. Have any irreplaceable items (such as meds, jewelry, passports), anything you need for the wedding, and if room allows a small subset of vacation clothes) with you. There are stores in Cocoa Beach if you need to pick up toiletries & some extra clothes, in the event your suitcase just doesnâ€t show… and while rare, itâ€s been known to happen. I find that if I carry on these things, my suitcases always arrive ;-)

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I would include average temps during the time frame your going and for the restuarants in the resort i would include any dress codes. I'm putting a list of excursions and info about the dominican in mine also.

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I know a lot of people will be putting these in their oot bags, but I'm thinking about doing a little "about the guests" section in my travel info so that people can kind of look it over before hand and have an idea of who will be at the event!

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