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  1. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a simple white sundress. I have been looking around with no luck, it seems like the stores are getting their fall stuff in. I need one for our civil ceremony. TIA!!
  2. Does anyone know where there are nice reasonable priced seashells for ring holders. Especially for living in Canada. TIA!!
  3. Hey everyone! We want to send out info packages to our guest about a month before our trip and wanted to include like a packing list and about baggage but we couldnt think of anything thing else to include. TIA!!!
  4. Forgot to say that we are flying out of Toronto... Good Luck with everything!!
  5. My wedding is in November 08 and we are going to the Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana for 7 days flying with Air Transat through Nolitours and our trip is costing $1300, taxes included.
  6. Welcome and Congrats!!
  7. Welcome! I posted you a message on my "I'm New!!" Thread.
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