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I just created my own logo stickers and they turned out great! I used a logo that Amarillis created for me (THANK YOU!!) and put 15 on a blank document in Word, lining them up the best I could. I printed the document out on white full sheet labels I bought at Staples (about $12 for 32 sheets). I then used a circle punch I bought at Michaels to cut them out. Since the full sheet label only has one spot where you peel off the back, I just scored the back of each new sticker with an exacto knife (being careful not to cut through the sticker) so they would peel off easily. I am so happy with the way they turned out! I am going to use them as seals for my invitations and on a few favors for my OOT bags to personalize them.

Don't know if this is actually an original idea or not but I was so happy with them, I thought I'd share anyways smile123.gif

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awesome! i'm such an idiot, when i did all of the logo stuff, i printed it on cardstock and then used glue dots to glue one color to another, when i should have used stickers. i also used a circle scrapbooking cutout thing when i should have used a punch out...would have saved a lot of time and a LOT of paper!

some brands have more than one peel spot, but good thinking w/ the exacto!

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