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Tell us something interesting about your neighborhood...

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#51 KellyandMatt08

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    Posted 21 July 2008 - 01:00 PM

    I live in Magnolia, NJ. The town phrase is 'One square mile of friendlieness' (although I got a ticket the first week we moved in ). We have about 4,400 people, which means we just got royally screwed by our governor since the state took away town funding for towns with less then 5k people. Oh and NJ property taxes are terrible.

    I live on the main street through town so we get a bit of traffic. However, they like to have parades for everything and shut down the road; the season opener of the baseball/softball, 4th of July, and the Miss Magnolia Pagent/parade.

    We have a great school district so we will probably be sticking around here for a while.

    We are close to major highways and train stations. The town is situated between Philadelphia (13 Miles), Atlantic City (50 Miles), and NYC (90 Miles).

    Not much else interesting.

    #52 jean-marcus

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      Posted 21 July 2008 - 03:06 PM

      i live in this really crazy part of town where different cultures cross paths.. dont take this as racial just trying to explain where i live. i seriously tell people that where i live is where compton meets vietnam. if you go one street up from mine up the ill its asians and one street down its predominantly black.. i live three blocks up from martin luther king drive and then 4 blocks down from beacon ave which has vietnamese karaoke, chinese grocery stores, and japanese restaurants... I LOVE IT... i can walk down and get some amazing bbq or walk up and get some awesome sushi...

      plus my view of the mountains and the lake from my hill is amazing...

      #53 Celina

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        Posted 21 July 2008 - 03:55 PM

        Some of these posts are hillarious!

        I live in Green Valley Ranch - NO not in Nevada - in Denver Colorado. Here's our communities little space on the web it's Green Valley Ranch Community

        We live across the street from a firestation and golf course. Our little single family home is on a cul de sac. We only have five houses on our side of the street, and we are close to two of our neighbors. We have lots of green areas and places to walk. Just walking to the store is like a mile trip. We know a lot of people in our community from High School, the kids' school, the local bar and work. Our neighborhood is mixed, white, black and Hispanic. Most of the people in the area work at the airport. Most of the homes are fairly new and we have a lot of new construction as well. Yes guys...I even have a white fence...total suburbia!

        When school is in session, if you see kids with their parents at the grocery store...all of the kids are wearing uniforms...it is hillarious!
        "Love is not who you live with...it's who you can't live without"

        #54 stltk

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          Posted 22 July 2008 - 12:49 AM

          Originally Posted by Kelly C
          This is what the internet says:
          Located only minutes west of St. Louis County, the City of O'Fallon encompasses nearly 30 square miles with ideal access to I-70 in the north and I-64 in the south.
          Established in 1856, O'Fallon is the seventh largest city in Missouri and largest in St. Charles County, with a growing population of approximately 76,000 residents.
          In my words: It is total midwest living. We live in a new contruction area. All the homes are new. We had this house built 3 years ago. Our houses sit 15ft from each other. We live on a court with all late 20's early 30's. Most of us new each other before we moved in. So we have lots of fun on our court. We usually sit out in the summer watch the kids play and have a few cocktails.

          Kelly, how crazy, I'm from St Peters also. What a small small world it is!!
          I couldn't believe it when I saw your hometown on your post and then read it. So crazy how truly small the world is that we are both here on BDW. I moved from St Peters "over the bridge" to Florissant. My family is still there& 'd love to move back but out of the budget for now, so here I am. We might have even been neighbors at one time and didn't know it!

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