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Tell us something interesting about your neighborhood...

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#1 Alyssa

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    Posted 18 July 2008 - 10:35 PM

    ...not your city or state but the actual neighborhood you live in. What is interesting and/or unique about it?

    Let's learn about different places in our country and others!

    Ok, I'll start...

    I live in Philadelphia, PA in one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of the United States - it is called Old City. We live 2 blocks from Betsy Ross's house, 2 blocks from the Constitution Center and 4 blocks from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Our neighborhood is historically unique and comprised of mostly old warehouse buildings converted to condos and luxury apartments. There are not that many single (rowhomes, not singles LOL) family residences in our neighborhood but the ones that are here are very large and worth millions of dollars. parking is insane and our neighborhood is conisdered an 'art and furniture district' - there are countless art galleries and high end furniture design showrooms - every month on the first Friday of that month there is a big street party called 1st Friday - all the galleries and stores open up and serve wine, beer and cheese. also, there is a ban on 'chain stores / restaurants' so there are pretty much none in our actual neighborhood except for 1 starbucks (except when you get to Market Street the ban is lifted).

    #2 JennyK

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      Posted 18 July 2008 - 10:43 PM

      Well I live in Freehold, NJ and our BIGGEST claim to fame is non other than The Boss.. Bruce Springsteen. This is where he is from and his song "My Hometown" is about.

      Here's some other info I pulled up from the internet:

      Freehold is located approximately 75 miles south of New York City and 25 miles northeast of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

      A walking tour of downtown Freehold is like a step back in time. Many of the beautiful buildings along Main Street date back to the 1800’s – even before. The American Hotel, built in 1824, is in the process of getting a “face life” and will once again be open for business in the near future. The hotel’s most famous visitor was Abraham Lincoln, who stopped here on the way to the White House in 1861. The oldest building in Freehold is St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, built in 1683. Take a stroll through the old cemetery – you’ll be fascinated by dates going back to the times of the pilgrims.

      No trip to Freehold would be complete without stopping by Freehold Raceway, the nation’s oldest and fastest daytime half-mile harness racing. It was first opened in 1853, and still operates seven days a week, night & day.

      Freehold is a town as diverse at it is old. Quaint Victorian houses lay steps away from trendy dining spots and antique galleries. Freehold is a great day or weekend trip for those who love history, architecture, and of course, food!

      #3 Martha

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        Posted 18 July 2008 - 11:26 PM

        I thought the title was "tell us something interesting about your neighbor" I was going to tell you that the man is a crackhead (seriously) and that his wife is cheating on him (we think).

        My hometown is home of the King Ranch. Used to be the largest ranch in the world...I don't think it is anymore. That's all I got.

        #4 -Kate-

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          Posted 18 July 2008 - 11:54 PM

          To participate in Martha's
          We have a crazy neighbor who loves to feed squirrels. That would be great - but our hunting dogs go crazy and have cut themselves on our stone wall trying to get to at the squirrels he feeds. We've had to get stiches on big dog twice. Long story short - we put out a trap (but tied it open because we couldn't actually trap an animal!) and he came over, offered to pay us for the trap and stop feeding if we would take it...then showed us a whole photo album of pics he took of the squirrels IN HIS HOUSE!!!! He has a tiny opening they come in then he lets them creep all over. They also all had name. It was like weird squirrel porn. Now he walks around the neighborhood placing almonds in trees and looking up in the trees like a little boy looking up a lady's skirt. And he has a high voice like a woman.

          Anyway...my hometown is home of William T. Sherman (civil war, march to the sea.) He actually grew up across the street from my parent's house. My neighborhood in Seattle - I like it, but I don't know any cool facts about it.

          #5 Jessica

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            Posted 19 July 2008 - 12:01 AM

            I LOVE Old City!!!

            Well, I live in Burlington Township, NJ. My neighborhood is not as interesting as the actual downtown area - home to NJ's Oldest Pharmacy, sheltered such historical figures as Ben Franklin and is home to "Witch Trees" where those who were accused of engaging in the craft were hung. There's also Burlington Island which is NJ's first recorded murder location. There's also a Friend's Meetinghouse as well as a schoolhouse which I'm dying to visit. There's just a lot of historical Quaker history.

            Anyway, as far as my actual neighborhood, I live right next to the Delaware River. My house backs up to the woods, but The next block over backs up against the Delaware River. There are a lot of boating houses in the area. There's an Odd Fellows Cemetary a couple of blocks away. I live fairly close to a highway that is a porn lovers paradise! There's so many dirty video stores and strip clubs. Haha. I live like 3 minutes off of the highway and it's total suburbia... but with a quick drive you can be amongst all the naughtiness.

            #6 Birdie07

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              Posted 19 July 2008 - 12:01 AM

              Ok so my neighbor...one one side is my in-laws. HAHA. But I love them. Whenever we need anything we can walk next door! The neighbor on the other side likes to stand in his backyard and shoot deer! WTF!?! He saw me and stopped. YAY!

              Anyways on our neighborhood. We live in Bayfield, Co. You might have to mapquest it. It's really small. Nearest to Durango, Co. I live right off the back of Mill Street (main street). The town is super small. We have ONE count them ONE stoplight. About 2 gas stations. A grocery store. A few restaurants. And thats about it. Not much exciting. It's so beautiful though. We're at about 7000 elevation. Surround by mountains. Lots of trails and beautiful mountain lakes. Very close knit. So far I like it.
              I realize now you said neighborhood and I said city. But I don't live in a neighborhood. Theres like 3 houses. So I gave city b/c it's about the size of your neighborhood.

              #7 MikkiStreak

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                Posted 19 July 2008 - 12:34 AM

                I'll continue with Martha and Kate's idea....

                We think our neighbors are either terrorists or wife-beaters. It's absolutely silent once the guy to go work and his wife, MIL, kid is home all day.... but once the office closes, it sounds like he's using machinery to build something, and half the time it sounds like someone is getting body-slammed on the floor.

                The building next door to us has been surrounded by cops with their guns drawn twice now; and a serial rapist was found being harbored here a few months ago.

                We're surrounded by half million dollar homes (bear in mind, average home prices around DFW are about $160ish) and a golf course, and the neighborhood is going ghetto; which I'm sure pisses off the half million dollar home owners!!! hehehe

                Fortunately, we're putting a bid in on a house tomorrow and if accepted, we'll be getting the fuck out of here, and moving to a "rural" feeling neighborhood across from Lake Lavon with a half acre yard and wooded creekbed in the backyard. :)

                #8 TA Lindsay

                TA Lindsay
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                  Posted 19 July 2008 - 12:53 AM

                  I don't have anything too interesting...we live year-round in a little cottage community about 1/2 an hour outside of Regina - "Regina Beach" we are at the top of the hill in the Qu'Appelle Valley (not lakefront unfortunately!). The view from our front yard is nothing but prairie - we get beautiful sunsets and sunrises over the lake. The population of our town doubles in the summer when people come to their cottages. We commute to work every day - it takes us about 45 minutes from our front door to the office.

                  Here's a couple of links with more info about Regina Beach: The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan | Details

                  Regina Beach, Saskatchewan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                  I guess that was more info about the town than our neighbourhood - but the whole town is pretty much our neighbourhood!


                  #9 amandalovesryan

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                    Posted 19 July 2008 - 05:08 AM

                    So, right down the road a little bit is the Colonial Theater. THis is where the famous scene of everyone running out of the theater away from the "blob" was filmed. Every year there is a Blob festival. Stores fill there windows with red blob-type stuff. it is kinda neat. then downtown has little festivals. they reenact the running scene and have a Blob Ball where everyone goes dressed up! kinda interesting.

                    my actual neighborhood, i live in a huge development where idiots let their children play in the road. not 5 or 6 year olds, no 2ish year olds. grrrr. one time the one little guy was standing on our stoop in his little diaper with not a parent around.
                    My favorite type of vacation, a relaxing one!


                    #10 *JillD*

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                      Posted 19 July 2008 - 08:11 AM

                      well, if I were to describe my neighborhood, there's not a whole lot to say.

                      I live in a town that the central focus is on the lake here. People come from a lot of the surrounding towns to fish and put there boats & jetskis, etc... in the water for the day.

                      We live in a small year round cottage (sounds very similar to TA Lindsay) our house is on a hill with beautiful views of the lake and lake access across the street.

                      During the winter months Holland has a population of around 1200, but in the summer months this triples as many families have summer only homes on the lake.

                      We have one store, one gas station, one blinking traffic light, one disgusting pizza place, and one liquor store.

                      Oh, we also have a water skiing competition team, Hailey really wants to join, but I'm so scared she's going to get hurt

                      I just looked up some information on Holland and found out that Hamilton Reservoir (the lake) was not always here, they actually flooded a huge area of land & houses to create it. Here is the the paragraph I found on that:

                      Perhaps the most significant happening in Holland was the approximately 19 inches of rain that fell during August 1955 that changed the Town. The dam that created the Hamilton Reservoir was no longer useful. The town was able with government help to create a useful water sport area.
                      The Army Corps of Engineers created a series of flood control dams and surplus water impoundment areas. This reduced the useful size of Holland drastically. About 170 tracts of land in Holland were purchased by the federal government so that they could be flooded when required. A number of houses were moved from these tracts and others were torn down as part of the clearing process. Despite the upset caused by this project, it has turned Holland into a quiet vacation community.

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