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  1. OMG! That's too funny, I can barely breathe I'm laughing so hard. Gooood costumes!!!! Rachel, you totally pulled off finding some big giant fake boobies! Mission accomplished!! BTW, I never watched that show until recently and now I'm hooked. I am completely fascinated by Beth & a) her boobies WTF? and her outfits. My FI always comments like " where does she find shirts to wear?" and "they are gonna pop out I swear". It's like a trainwreck, sometimes I am not even paying attention to the bad guys because of Dog & Beth and their antics and then their sermons at the end. Seriously, what a GREAT idea for a costume tho. Maybe we'll do that one next year. One year we were M&M's. I was a plain M&M and my FI was a peanut M&M (with nuts). But, Dog & Beth would be great for Halloween.
  2. Wow, Leia, you are such a beautiful bride! What great pics, thanks for sharing. Looks like you all had a great time and how neat that so many of your family were able to travel to be with you on your special day! Looks like it was an amazing trip for everyone.
  3. That first dress is amazing, so different, not like any other dress around. I would go with that one. Of course, the second one looks great on you as well! But, it is similar to a lot of others and the first isn't, it's very unique. Just for the wow factor and how great it looks, my vote's for number #1! Great dresses, you look great!!!!
  4. Beautiful dress choice--I LOVE the mesh overlay w/the lace details...gorgeous. OMG your waist is itty bitty....and what are you talking about it doesn't fit--it looks great! We are always hardest on ourselves, you will be a beautiful bride on your special day!
  5. OMG how cute is that lil guy? He's so cute that he doesn't even look real. I love baby kitties! awwww Thanks so much for making my day w/that lil pic. Congratulations on your new addition Calia! I'm horrible with coming up with good kitty names, so I'm no help on that, I had a calico cat and named her Kallie.
  6. Kelly thanks for sharing your pics with us, what a neat website. I LOVE Fast Eddies! What a great idea for a bach party stop, always a fun time. You guys lucked out with the great weather this past weekend for out on the patio!
  7. YAY....Good for her! I always liked her too, glad she found someone. That was also pretty funny about how he gives her flowers, but NEVER roses! lol
  8. Wow, that sure was quick! Congrats to them, hope it works out for them and doesn't go the way of so many hollywood marriages. They are both so cute, I like them both.
  9. So sorry you are having to go through this when you are SUPPOSED to be planning the best day of your life! Family can sure make a person crazy sometimes for sure. I have a similar situation myself in that none of my FI's family will be going with us to Jamaica. It's not a money issue either, who knows the real reason why they chose not to be there with us,but they wont be joining us. So, like my FI has said again and again, WE (him & I) will be there for sure & that's really all that matters in the end. Sure, having more people there with us would be fantastic and make it more special. But, unfortunately even the people we love the most let us down sometimes and it does hurt. You have a right to be pissed, it's disappointing. Arggghhh!! So, us BDW gals are here for you to listen. Usually, you feel better once you let it out and vent. We understand and will listen & give big hugs back. Hang in there, remember it's all about you & your FI in the end & nobody else.
  10. I had never watched this show before until today. Bravo ran a marathon all day and I ended up wasting my entire Sat watching this show!! Crazy that I literally watched like 7 freaking episodes today I was so sucked in big time! What a good show, I'm hooked!!
  11. I looked into getting it for my crew through a company called VPI. But, I ended up not because 3 of 4 of my cats were too old to insure and the other one's premiums were really expensive because they were close to the cut-off age also. I think if you start them out when they are young puppies or kittens, it was my understanding that the premiums are cheaper. I would probably do it if I got a new pup/kitten in the future. And, they didn't cover anything that would be considered pre-existing like another poster mentioned. I think that if something catastrophic or really bad happened it would be worth it to have. But, I do know people who do have it and love it, esp for the peace of mind. This one you pay upfront and then send in the paperwork for reimbursement. So, might want to find out how the payments work, if you pay first, etc. However, things may have changed & gotten easier since this was a few years ago though. Just my two cents, sorry not much help. I sure hope your pup gets to feeling better & doesn't need to keep going back in to the vet. Poor lil guy.
  12. stltk


    Oh man, so glad to find the 90210 sisterhood! LOL Anyway, I've watched both episodes & totally love how they incorporate the "old" characters into the new show. You girls crack me up. I agree with the kid being Dylan's, seems like Brandon was too Mr Responsible to lose contact with his kid, but maybe that's what THEY want us to believe....muhahaha Can't wait for next tues, I have to watch it by myself in the bedroom, FI will have nothing of it (for now). However, he's just as guilty as all the rest of our boys that are in denial for watching girlie shows & he'll cave.
  13. WOW those pictures you posted are beautiful! How could you NOT have a wonderful time in a place that looks like that? ENJOY!
  14. Aww Yari, hard to believe isn't it? Less than a month...OMG. I'm a month after you, & I'm starting to freak out just a bit myself, can't imagine just having one lil old month left. Woo hoo....it will go by so fast & will be here before you know it!
  15. I just saw this thread, so sorry so late better late than never I suppose. Anyway, I am also doing the Light the Night walk this Friday the 12th. I've never done this one but have done the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. We have a group at work I'm walking with & we've been raising $$ past few months to donate to the walk. In total, we have raised $2325.00 thru various fundraisers: BBQ, basket raffle, baseball ticket raffles, etc. It's really been a lot of fun & it's a great organization. Looking forward to this event, although I don't have a particular person I am walking for, I do know of a few ppl that are leukemia survivors, so they will definitely be in my thoughts. Thanks for all you're doing Yari, you make a difference!!
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