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*Official chat thread for BIGGEST LOSER 3* (UPDATED WITH WINNER!!)

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I'm proud to say that I ended up losing almost 10lbs (I'm .2 oz away from the 10), even though I had a slow start I didn't do too bad. I've gotten rid of about 4 pairs of pants. They were big to start with as I have lost 25lbs in the last year (before Biggest Loser 3), but the pants are now falling off of me. I'd still like to lost another 15 to 20lbs and hope to accomplish this in Biggest Loser 4.


The group of girls participating and the competition have been so motivating, thank you!


My FI was not to supportive when I joined Biggest Loser 3 as he thought that it was a waste of money. 8 weeks later he hasn't admitted to being wrong, but is very proud of how much weight I've lost and how dedicated I've been. I quit drinking for 5 weeks (that was challenging during the summer), I've been eating better than I have in years and I've been working out regularly.


Congratulations to everyone and see you in Biggest Loser 4.

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Congratulations to ...

KLC77 (Kelly) -11.827%

K&Rwedding (Kathy)-11.340% (I think you deserve an honorable mention, Kathy!!)

Becksy (Erin)-6.400%
Cabo OR Bust (Susan)-5.821%
jamaicabride09 (Alicia)-5.706%
mummergirl (Lisa)-4.184%
dainanewell (Daina)-3.774%
jkcz0702 (Jennifer)-3.583%
SgtPepperette (Melissa)-3.313%
jrodsgirl (Rosel)-3.147%
flygirl (Trish)-2.125%
ButlerGirl08 (Alex)-1.753%
2bebridejamaica (Amanda)-1.370%
Robyn Mumford-0.719%
amyrak (Amy)-0.592%
lucy106 (Stephanie)4.715%

And congratulations to everyone else as well, you all did awesome. As for the next season, I will happily track the weights and all that again, if you all (or someone) can just coordinate the rules, entry fee, start/end date, start a new thread, etc. It's up to you all!

Kelly, let me know how you want your $510 in winnings ... it's just sitting in my PayPal, so that would be easy. Or I can mail you a check. I will send you a PM on Sunday night/Monday when I get back if I haven't heard from you before then. Congratulations!

P.S. A lot of people never sent me their last weigh-ins, so their total loss may not be accurate. Oh well!

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Congrats Kelly for winning the pot! That is awesome! :)


Everyone else did a fantastic job too!


I myself fell off the wagon. But I have come to terms with it...


Ann thanks for doing all this!



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