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  1. I just got back from my wedding at EdenH (wedding was on January 13th, we got back on January 24th). All I can say is that everything was perfect!!!! The resort is beautiful, the staff are so nice and the wedding... it was like a dream. I'll do a better review this weekend, but quickly... We chose the Traditional Wedding package on the beach for 27 guests. We didn't pay for extra chairs, flowers, campagne or decorations for the ceremony set up and loved the simplicity of what we had. They do have a sound system which you do not have the pay for (good thing it was windy the day we got married). We chose to have our reception at the buffet and we are soooo glad we did. They set us up on the terrace outside of the buffet and they had decorated it very tastefully. We were able to close the doors so no one would bother us. We stayed two weeks. First week is when we got married and second week was just for my new husband and I to relax together... alone (so glad we did this). I was a little sad when we had to leave because I was leaving the fantasy behind, but then I started to think about the new fantasy we were about to start and I got happy again. Please let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer. I will do a better review and post pictures this weekend.
  2. Yay... in exactly one month I will be a Mrs!!!
  3. Thank you everyone!!! Quote: Originally Posted by olga1708 Wow you look great. How did you loose the weight? My doctor suggested I use a modified South Beach diet. She said not to cut out all carbs, but cut way back on how many carbs I was eatting. Eat smaller meals more often, eat lots of protein and drink lots of water. Once I got comfortable with my new way of eatting I started to jog and I joined a kickboxing class. But the BDW Biggest Loser helped me the most, I lost 18 lbs over two seasons (about 4 months)! The girls are all very supportive and I liked the extra motivation they provided me... thank you to all the BDW Biggest Losers!
  4. After losing 40lbs I had the confidence I needed to take BD pics for my FI. I love them and can't wait to share them with my FI. He will especially like the pics of me in his Canadians jersey... I'm a Toronto fan! Sorry for the writing in the middle of the pics, but these are only the proofs.
  5. 3:00pm isn't bad... we're getting married at 11:00am!!! When I first found out that that was the only time available for the Judge I thought, what are we going to do until 6:30pm (our dinner)? I don't want my guests to get bord or think that we don't appreciate them because we didn't spend money to do an excursion during the day. We looked into a boat cruise, but the cheapest we could find was $35 per person x 30 people... a little outside of our budget. I was really worried and upset. I then talked to some of our guests about the boat cruise (to find out what people thought and see if we should some how come up with the money) and they all said they would rather relax by the pool or ocean, some even told me that they are afraid of water and would not come if we booked a boat cruise. So we have decided to take it easy and let the day unravel as it may... we are there to relax, may as well relax. Since letting this go we have been very relaxed and relively stress free. We're getting married in a month and a half and we are both very happy, excited and getting anxious... no worry and no stress. Enjoy your day!
  6. Congratulations to everyone for working so hard. I want to share my before and after pictures. I may have only lost 8lbs, but with my kickboxing I'm building muscle and shaping my body. I really like how my body is starting to look. I have two more month and I think I can achieve the body I've always wanted. Before Biggest Loser Season 3 - 150 lbs Before Biggest Loser Season 4 - 142 lbs After Biggest Loser Season 4 - 134 lbs I don't think I will participate in BL5 because I'm hoping to be at my goal weight by that time. However, I may need it after my wedding and two weeks in the Dominican Republic. Thank you to all the girls for your help and motivation through out BL3 and BL4. I hope we can continue to chat, share our thoughts and keep each other motivated through out the holidays.
  7. My dress came in and I went to try it on on Saturday. My Mom and MOH came with me. As we were looking at it my MOH noticed that there was what looked like a coffee stain on the train. When I looked closer it looks like one of the lace appliqués were sewn with the wrong colour of thread. This isn't something that can be fixed and it took my dress over three months to come in so I don't think they have time to order a new dress. The store is calling the manufacturers today to find out if they can do anything about it. What if they can't do anything about it? It is "the dress" so I still want it, but I don't think I should pay full price. Do you think $200 off an $800 dress is appropriate? On a side note, I was remarkably calm about the whole thing. I think my Mom and MOH where more upset that I was.
  8. Yay Morgan!! Keep up the great work! Erica G, I love the pic of your two kids, soooo cute!
  9. Wow... I didn't think I was going to do as well as I did this week, I lost 2 lbs. Starting on Friday I ate Pizza and lots of candy, Saturday I finished the Pizza and ate more candy and Sunday all I ate was candy... Halloween is sooo hard for me. So I'm thinking my body either needed a shock or my kickboxing has finnaly kicked my metabolism into high gear... I'm thinking it's the metabolism thing, I wonder how well I would have done without all that junk? On to another week and so far I've been candy free, but all bets are off again on Friday (lol). Good luck with this weeks weigh in girls, I hope everyone has something to celebrate.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by metravel Becksy, I have my wedding at noon but as per everyone advice I contacted Elizabeth and I could ask the judge sign paper work at noon and have ceremonies around 4-5 pm and PC Mike will perform the ceremony. You should contact her and she will arrange for you. Good luck I thought about doing it that way, but FI was very opinionated about it. He doesn't want a fake wedding, he wants our real / legal wedding with the Judge. He hasn't had much to do with the wedding, he has been good to let me do what I want so I'm not going to push the time thing. Besides, I've already bought a daytime outfit. I've gotten use to the idea and it doesn't bother me as much anymore. However, once we arrive I think I might look into a 3 to 4 hour boat cruiser. I've contacted a few tour companies, but the price is silly expensive. I think I might be able to make a better deal in person. If not we will just relax on the beach.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by slalwane We are going to get married on the beach...you? Are you using the resort photographer? Yes, definitely the beach. My Uncle is a Photographer and he's agreed to take our pictures (we lucked out), but I think I would like to have the hotel take video for us. I haven't talked to my FI about this yet, I think he will say that it's an extra expense that we don't need... but I think it's a once in a like time experience that will go by so fast, I would like to have a video to remember everything (words, sounds, sites, etc.).
  12. Way 2 go TA Jill! 4 more weeks left to go!!! Time to kick some butt. Ok.. maybe I need to take it easy on my Kickboxing classes (lol).
  13. Protein is so important when you are trying to lose weight... eating a healthy balance of protein, carbs and fats is important... and making sure you take a multi vitamin to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs is important as well. Beans have lots of protein in them... how about a vegetarian chili, a bean salad, protein shakes or adding protein powder to your cereal? There are all sorts of website with quick and easy recipes that will make eating protein a little easier for you... check out the sparkpeople.com recipe section... lots of healthy food there.