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Need help w/ casual reception invitation wording

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So, we're only having immediate family and our closest friends in Cabo with us for our wedding. And we're not having an official reception in Cabo after the ceremony, just a really nice dinner. In order to celebrate with all of our other friends and family, we're planning a big party when we get back. It's going to be casual, and Mexico themed. We're going to have a Mexican buffet, cake, dj, etc, but it's also going to be outside at my fiance's father's house, which is on the lake, and has a pool. So-it's really just going to be a fun party.

How should I word the invitations for this? I want it to be casual and fun.

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something like

please join us in celebration of our marriage for a fiesta....date, time, etc.


I don't know that sounds weird, let me think about it. I know Tammy had an AHR maybe she can help better than I can.

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Thanks for your help! You're definitely on the right track. I saw a post somewhere on here that had a good example of wording I could use. I think it was a picture of an invitation? I can't find it now though!

I'll keep working on it and let you know what I figure out!

Thanks again!

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you can search in the upper right corner for invites...that might help. Also the knot.com has an invitation workshop.

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I am having a hard time with the wording of our invites because we are doing a bon-voyage party before we leave (a small paper signing ceremony will also occur so technically, people will see us get married) and I dont know how to word it where they will feel good about being invited but not left out because they arent invited to the wedding in cabo. I am having my mom's wedding dress made into a cocktail dress for the party.


this is what i am thinking:


How lucky to marry not only the love of one's life, but one's best friend


At sunset on

October 13, 2007




will be married in

Cabo San Lucas MX


You're invited to the

local celebration to help send off

Bride and Groom

on date & location



It's still awkward but something like that - any suggestions?

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I have the same sort of problem.

I don't know how to send everything out:

some people are invited to the wedding in Mexico, but not all. We are also having a big reception when we get back. So how the heck do I send out invitations for all of it? I really don't want to mess with a ton of different mailings (i.e. STD for wedding, reception, invitation to wedding, reception, etc).

Of course, the STDs for the wedding are already out.

Any ideas?

The current plan is to have those pocket invitation things where they'll have a choice to rsvp to the reception and wedding if they're invited to both, or just the reception. Then the wording does get tricky.

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Here are a few examples I came across:


We're getting ready to depart

on a romantic trip which is only the start

Bride's Name


Grooms's Name

will be married on




Please join us for a reception

when we return

Date and time of reception





Bride's name


Groom's name

were united in marriage

on the twenty-sixth of February

two thousand and seven

at sunset

om the island of St. John

U.S.Virgin Islands


Please join them as they

celebrate their vows

on date







I came across less formal wording that started with "We took the plunge..." and invites your guest to come celebrate, but I can not find it at this time. If and when I do, I will post it! doh.gif

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I'm working on my reception wording today and need help! Mine is a formal reception, and I'm debating on putting the date of our wedding on there so I don't confuse people (since these will be sent out in the next week, and we won't be married yet). Also, it's being hosted by my parents who are divorced and both re-married.


Here's my start:


Mr. and Mrs. James Michalsen


Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kowalewski

Request the honour of your presence at a Reception to celebrate the marriage of their daughter,

Amy Elaine


Mr. Kevin Michael Lindell,

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lindell.


The reception will be held at

Hawkâ€s View Banquet Hall, 2217 Forest Hills Road, Machesney Park, Illinois


Saturday, the Fourth of August, Two-Thousand Seven at 6:00 p.m.


I also like the wording from the above post about "We're getting ready to depart", but then I need to work on the rest of the wording so I can get our parents' names there- then I WOULD put the date and place of the actual wedding.


I know these thoughts are jumbled- I'm going on not much sleep since I'm babysitting my 7 week-old niece all weekend!!!


Thanks for any help you can give!


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Amy, your AHR is the same day as mine!


We just put

"It is with love and joy that we invite you to join us in a reception to celebrate our marriage"

and then the time/date details follow.


Those invitations are very similar but different wording than the wedding ones. For the wedding ones, we worded it appropriately, but then in one of the pocketfolds, put a little card that had directions to the AHR with a date and time. The RSVPs for the wedding had spots for both wedding and reception. Then some people only got the reception one, which was the first one I discussed.

Does this straighten anything out?

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