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I would have to agree with the fact that your first step should be to talk to a TA. That was the first thing we did and it has been smooth sailing since then! You can give your ideal budget and then (as long as you have a good one), your TA should be able to find you something in your price range. Once you get some names of resorts, check out their websites and see what they offer for wedding packages and depending on what you want for your big day, that will probably be your deciding factor!!


If you have any questions... this is the place to ask them. Congratulations and good luck!!

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let me first start off by saying welcome1.gif and CONGRATS on the engagment its so exciting smile123.gif


my FI and i are in the same boat-- we wanted something small and personal but wanted to have our friends and family included still rather than eloping. we too are paying for the entire thing on our own smile36.gif i never realized how much goes into a wedding until now but dont stress just yet!


we went with the all inclusive to save us AND our guest the $$. it is a lot to ask of people to go out of town for a wedding so we thought having food/drinks included was the best route. i went on to Expedia and did a search for places i liked. i am a HUGE beach bum so it wasnt hard to find something that suited me.


if you are tryign to not have kids, it may be difficult if you are having a flower gril/ring boy. we chose to not have one so there wouldnt be the issue of kids at the reception or parents not being able to enjoy themselves. (sorry if that offends anyone) we want our wedding to be fun and memorable, not to be a hassle for our friends/family. so far we have had nothign but positive feedback and they are glad ot get away for a weekend w/out thier kids


best of luck to you and your FI. youll find this site VERY helpful so dotn stress just yet!

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