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  1. Hey there, the sand ceremony deal is actually pretty cool. It is said right after you do your vows, and just before they "pronounce you husband and wife." We didnt have any problems bringing it back through customs. After all, its fake sand anyways. The wording is fairly typical, something like what you have with a unity candle. You know, they talk about how its two people pouring sand and how 2 vases of sand become one, just like the two of us joining in marriage. Things like that. The ceremony is only about 3 or 4 minutes long. It was read by our minister. I hope this helps.
  2. FYI I posted my review of DJ Mannia on his review thread if anyone is interested http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t20951-9
  3. Hey All, We are back from our Dreams Cancun wedding so I guess its time to start the reviews. We hired DJ Mannia for our DJ and we were relatively pleased. The purpose of this review is to neither recommend nor bash anyone, only to state the facts. So with that said, we will begin. We had Sergio from DJ Mannia and he seemed like a very nice fellow. He was likable from the start and appeared very organized. Our reception was supposed to begin at 7:00 with dinner, but our photo shoot ran a little late. I met with Sergio at about 7:15 and we discussed everything prior to our entrance. We discussed the first dance and Sergio recommended we do that before the dinner and just after our entrance. I loved the idea and only wish we would have been able to tell our photographer who had went up to our hotel room in order to snap some shots from up high. He had no idea we were doing our first dance before dinner. We discussed with Sergio our cake cutting song as well as garter and flower toss. That went pretty smoothly. Sergio then specifically asked us if we had "DO NOT PLAY" songs. We told him we absolutely did not want anything with swearing or cursing. We were very clear about that. Rather than Sergio telling us he would not play those songs, he told us he would just play the "radio" version of the songs. I was mildly annoyed at that point because they were supposed to be "DO NOT PLAY" songs, but I dismissed it and tried going with the flow. We never discussed a father/daughter or mother/son dance which we wanted, but with the time constraints, we understood. After discussing the songs to be played and not to be played, Sergio told us he would play a couple of Michael Jackson songs. I was growing more and more annoyed because I really dont care for Michael Jackson...especially since his death, everything associated with Michael Jackson is getting really old and really played out. Again, I dismissed it and thought he would only play one or two songs. Rather he played like 5 or 6 (maybe more) Jackson songs all combined into a really long and annoying mix. Lastly, we discussed the last song to be played. Sergio recommended "We are family" and due to his recommendation, we accepted. I gotta say Im not a big fan of the song and I think we could have picked something better, but ultimately it was our decision to go with his recommendation. Now, onto some more positive things. During dinner, we had a song request for some Barry White. I told Sergio and it was immediately played! The rest of the music during dinner was perfect! Sergio came up to us toward the end of the dinner and due to time constraints, he made some recommendations to change the order in which we did things. We gladly accepted and it turned out just fine. Sergio was able to set up the toast very quickly and that helped give us more time to dance. Throughout the dancing, Sergio approached us again and asked us if we wanted to do a "Tequila Conga Line." We thought that was the coolest thing in the world and most people participated. So thanks Sergio. On a more sour note (and FYI my timeline might be off a little bit here,) they played a few songs with swearing (particularly the song which talks about sweat dripping down certain parts of a mans body ....some pretty vulgar stuff for an older crowd) and we had to run over and tell him to cut it off. That was after we dismissed the first song which had swearing in it. Ah well, he cut it off pretty quick. Sergio did a nice job of MCing and keeping people up and dancing. Overall, I think Sergio did a decent job. I dont think he did a bad job and I dont think he did a great job. I would give him an average grade. Would I recommend using an iPod for the reception? NO!!! Get a DJ and preferrably DJ Mannia. There are tons of reviews on here which totally rave about their performance. Maybe we caught Sergio on a bad day. Sergio really made no attempt at staying later than contracted (7pm-10pm.) If he would have offered to stay later, we would have gladly payed him. But it seemed like he did not really go out of his way to make it a more pleasant experience. So if anyone has any questions, feel free and let me know. Best of luck to you all. I hope this review wasnt too disorganized.
  4. Hey All, I too am back from Dreams and will be doing our review soon. Mrs Butler, we felt so bad for you that night, but we are happy that everything worked out for you. It seemed everyone kept their composure pretty well and the both of you looked great!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by rabutler816 Hi!! I am the reason the hotel is sold out. Im sorry!! I also have 5 guests ho have to stay elsewhere. We have 50 rooms. I have 75+ guests for my wedding. I had no idea but I can assure you this. We will be very good and make sure your day does not go interrupted Brides honor! What time is your wedding? We are having a party in teh bar lobby from 7-10, so we will def be 'out the way' now for the other guests booked that have nothing to do with my wedding..ummm I cant say how well behaved they will be. I pray VERY WELL. Soo excited!! Hahaha, I think we are all the reason the hotel is sold out I know of at least 3 weddings between Thursday and Sunday, and Im sure there is one more on Saturday night. I have a few guests staying at another resort too...of course they booked too late. Oh well, they had plenty of opportunity We were just a little concerned more with people "crashing the wedding." I actually wouldnt mind as long as they are friendly and dont cause problems, you know. We are doing the typical day, wedding at 5, cocktail hour at 6, and reception from 7-10. Are you doing the same?
  6. Hey All, I know there have been some threads on transporting your dress to your DW location. I was just curious if anyone has flown on USA 3000 Airlines which is an Apple Vacations Charter plane. If so, dod you have any problems transporting your dress? I called their customer service last night and they told me the dress had to meet the dimensions for a carry on bag in order to bring it on the plane. The lady said they dont have much room in the planes and definitely cant hang it up anywhere. Any advise? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey all, I have a question for all the brides who have already been married at Dreams. Call me petty, but I am kind of worried about the noise level during out ceremony and reception. We are only having 15 people at the wedding, and I checked and found that all rooms are booked during our stay. There are only a few dolphin view rooms left, but everything else is booked. Did any of you have a problem with people being loud or obnoxious who werent part of your group? If so, how did you handle it? If not, how would you recommend I handle it? Thanks!
  8. Based on everything I have seen and heard, you pay the set amount for the package. I think it is $2650 for the Dreams Ultimate package. That will serve cocktail hour, dinner, drinks, and cake for up to 20 people. Everyone above and beyond the 20 people you will have to pay for. I had a quote for around 40 people with the Dreams Ultimate and it was right around 5500 bucks. I dont think the prices vary from resort to resort...they all reflect the same price on the Dreams website.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by KarenM So glad you were able to get some $ back and that your dress is fixed! I find it hilarious they had the 1st page of your thread printed as "ammo". whatever. Yeah it was kinda funny. The page they printed off wasnt even complete. It was just my original post, and the right side of it was chopped off so you couldnt even see the entire sentences. I guess they may have been too embarassed to print off all the replies hahaha
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by DreamsTulumBride OH! MY GOSH! I don't know what I would of done if was you... I cannot believe you agreed to repay the alternation... why? It's their mistake! I wish you the best and I am sure in a few years you will laugh about it and concentrate on the good memories of your dream wedding! Honestly I paid for it because the money wasnt that important at the time. As long as I had my perfect dress, I would have paid a lot more than 50 bucks. But we ended up getting the second payment back too.
  11. Honestly, it wasnt even about the money. I just wanted the dress to fit and not fall apart. Of course it bugs me a little bit because the dress is $250.00 cheaper now than it was when we bought it...and they only give me 50 bucks. Ha. What a joke. I see other brides or friends have had the same experience I did. DB blames the customer because DB ordered the wrong product. Shandalier, 10 weeks later!! Are you serious!! And they had the audacity to blame you. Completely unacceptable. Id still love to hear more experiences. Maybe that will reinforce to the Noobs that they would probably have a better experience elsewhere.
  12. Well ladies, we got the issue resolved. Let me first start by saying DB caught wind of this thread because they apparently search for negative feedback about DB online. So, if you do choose to go there and have a bad experience, just post a blog or thread somewhere indicating all the facts. So, they finally got my dress altered the way it should have been done to begin with. It is a little bit tight around the ribs but I dont want them touching the dress any more. I can deal with it being tight. So when we were getting ready to check out, I was ambushed. The lady asked if I posted a blog which was bashing DB. She actually gave me a print out of the first page of this thread. She told me it would be in my best interest to take this blog down. HA!! No way lady. I am telling everyone I can about my horrible experience with your store!!! The more people that know the truth, the better. I didn't really think I was bashing DB anyways...i was just telling the facts of the case. So, thank you all for all of your feedback. I am still interested in hearing other peoples experiences there, so feel free and keep this thread going. It might come in handy if I decide to go to the media about this (or have to defend myself in a lawsuit.) ..Oh, by the way, they were soooo generous and told us they would refund $50.00 to us. That is so nice of them considering they are a huge corporation who (according to corporate) can afford to lose business. Wierd!
  13. One thing is for certain, Davids Bridal (if you have one out there) may destroy your dress if you buy it there or online. I, from the sounds of things several other brides on here, would NOT recommend them. So many people have had HORRIBLE experiences with them. Best of luck to you!
  14. Some would say you get what you pay for. My opinion is that you spend the extra couple of hundred (or more) bucks and go elsewhere. Then, take the dress to a professional tailor. The "rinky-dink" tailors are very fair priced and they make sure they get the job done right because they cant afford to lose any business. Davids, as so eloquently mentioned by the corporate office, can afford to lose the business.
  15. Sigh...I just had virtually the exact same experience at Davids Bridal. They destroyed my dress and there is no time to order a new one and start from scratch. I totally sympathize with you. I wish you the best of luck!!!
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