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para el amore

We're home..... lots to share

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Congratulations! Everything looked beatiful.

It looked like you had a lot of fun that evening too. What did you do about music? Did you hire a dj there or bring an iPod and speakers?


Thanks for sharing.

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Originally Posted by para el amore View Post
The resort was great and all of our guest enjoyed themselves. Just travel with a back-up WC and make sure you have all your details squared away. We plan on going back.

This is great advice for all destination brides. You should have a paper trail that contains all correspondences with your wedding coordinator (from day one). LOL, when I met with my wedding coordinator, I had a binder with everything. She probably thought I was nuts, but I didn't care. I don't do surprises, especially a big no-no on my wedding day.

Well, I would recommend using US Airways to Jamaica. You are correct about American Airlines totally sucking. They are not a reliable airline at all. LOL, stay away from Air Jamaica too.

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