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Silly question....

My invites are brown and turquoise, my MOH is wearing a turquoise dress. We're in the process of doing my bridal shower invites. We have turquoise envelopes, and turquoise background with beige inserts....what other colours could I incorporate that would still look stylish? I'm really trying to stay away from brown since my invites were this colour...



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Originally Posted by MrsWtobe View Post
Oh thanks so much! These are some awesome ideas! I think my FH and MOH might kill me if I make one more trip to Michaels for paper....smile41.gif
Go alone, that way no one has to know. lol I know what you mean though, you want it to be perfect, go as much as you can.

Do you get the flyers? There is usually a 40 or 50% coupon in the flyer. You can get them on their website too and if you sign up to get the flyer, they email them to you sometimes.

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LOL...I'll definitely have to make a "secret" trip....jeez, what has my life come tohuh.gif


Actually, I do get the flyer occassionally, but I didn't realize you could get the coupon if you sign up for email as well. Thanks!

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