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Originally Posted by KittenHeart View Post
Crista & Andrea - Thank you!!

Figured it was time to switch it up :)

Andrea - yes they can make waterproof everything! From what I've heard, Bobby Brown some of the best, expensive but one of my friends who got married, had them do a free makeup on her and bought what they used and duplicated it herself on her wedding day and it looked wonderful. She balled her eyes out and nothing moved, even last through the next day :)
Thanks Amy, I will check out the website and see what they have to offer. The waterproof everything might be a good way to go. You are awesome! I am so happy I have found you girls for good advice. smile03.gif

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ahhh feeling the love!!


I feel exactly the same :) don't know what I'd do without you girls to vent to, get advice from, share ideas with etc....I'd probably have gone mad a long time ago!!


plus, you guys all make it so much more fun!


the advice from past brides and brides to be is soooooo invaluable I can't even describe.


love ya girls....*sob* haha!

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oh and I have to confess in my sad little way at being picky and a bit of a perfectionist...last night I re-wrote all the stuff out in my wedding note book, into a new one because it wasn't neat enough!!!!!!!! as if I haven't got enough to do already!!!

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