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  1. Le Chique..... really hound your personal concierge about getting reservations as soon as you get there. We actually ate there twice and it was great both times. Make sure you make clear that you want to eat there and not having a reservation is out of the question.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Thanks Andrea!! We missed you I've looked at your photos a few times now, absolutely gorgeous, I love that you did your makeup in the jacuzzi tub! You're welcome Where are you writing her review? Here? Amy, LOL! I thought the light was the best for putting on makeup in the tub. I am glad you liked the photos. I start looking at them and then I get overwhelmed and quit. We are actually being featured in local magazine called KC Weddings as their destination wedding feature. We are very excited!! I just wrote a review on wedding wire for Sharon and I am going to write one on here too. The more good things to say the better.
  3. Amy, Thank you for sending along Sharon's email along. I had misplaced it and I still need to write her review. I am major slacker. :-)
  4. Hello ladies, I have been MIA for a few months. I apologize for that. Welcome new girls and your weddings are going to be amazing. Wendy, Amy, and Lindsey all your pics are so awesome loved them!!
  5. Amy, The looks like the day turned out to be perfect! Your flowers were amazing along with everything else. Nothing is better than a picture perfect wedding.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Ahhhh!!! You're freaking me out!!! It's so close it's scary Well done you! You did get a lot done! I have literally been working on stuff hardcore, every single day. I just booked our Vegas hotel suite for our legal wedding, like literally just hung up the phone. I am now online applying for our marriage license in Nevada. FI just finished up our Just in Case kits Printed all signage and cut it up OOT bag tags, placecards & escort tags proof came in Received a custom shirt I made for FI & a hoodie I made for myself Real touch flowers arriving tomorrow Shoe clips arriving any day now BD book arriving any day now Finishing up my writing my ceremony tonight Addressed and stamped envelopes with custom made brochure to go out to guests 2 weeks before we leave Katie, don't apologize, we love you and we know you're busy!! XOXO Amy - OMG you are rockin with getting things done. Well done!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by meghan That would be awesome! Did you do just one piece of paper front and back, brochure, etc? I should have it from the husband sometime tomorrow, sorry about the delay. We did back and front. The front has a beach background with ceremony time details, order, and what songs for each part of the ceremony. Back is the wedding party, thank you to our parents and a quote. Really simple. We took the file to office max and had them printed there, it was super cheap.
  8. Katie, I thought I sent you a PM but I don't think you got it. I am so excited to see your BD shoot. My email is aamado37@hotmail.com
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by taylorwd Okay girls I'm ready to share some teasers of my BD shoot! To make a long story short, my attempts to upload to the forum were denied (files too large), so if you message me with your email, I'll send you some pics. I promise to leave out the topless ones I just sent you a PM with my email address.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by meghan Are any of you doing programs for the day of your wedding? If you are, do any of you have a template available for sharing? Meghan, We did a program but will have to see if my husband still have the template. If he doesn't I can send you one of our extras in the mail or try and scan it. Just let me know.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Lecreatifbride Were you told that the timeshare guests would have to pay a fee upon check in per day for food and drink? My MH reserved a room and had to cancel because the food charge was more expensive than booking the all inclusive thru the resort. Please tell me if you heard otherwise. That would make a big difference for my immediate family. I was told the same as what you are hearing. We had a guest that was going to use her time share but then found out the food was and extra $1,000 and wasn't going to save her anything. She ended up booking with our group through our travel agent.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by taylorwd Andrea, you're right your photographer did amazing work for you!!! He did some really great things with his color processing, and he captured every minute of your day. Lucky, lucky you!!! I got teary eyed during the ceremony part thinking of how soon, very soon that will be me! I am excited for you, I know you are going to have a great experience and love everything!! This time is going to fly by you are less than 20 days away!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Andrea, love your pictures!! How far away was your reception site? Did you have everyone shuttled over after the ceremony? Our reception at home was at a restaurant called City Tavern here in Kansas City, we rented out the whole place for the day. The dinner at the resort was in spoon and it was in their private area and actually worked out pretty good, we were never bothered by anyone. Anyway you put it you are going to have a awesome wedding!!
  14. wrong link the first time. Hawes Photography and Design : Vaughn Wedding
  15. Hey ladies I am checking in. Our pictures are on the web to look at. If anyone is from the Kansas City/ St. Louis area and are looking for a photographer, they are amazing. Being them with us was the best thing we did. Enjoy! ttp://www.hawesphotographyproofing.com/pickpic/gallery/splash.php?gallery_id=119