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Playa Del Carmen Wedding 09!

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New here to the forum obvioulsy, but wanted to say hello. We are getting married in Playa Del Carmen in May of 09! We really can't wait. We have been going back and forth on if we really can do it but decided to do it overall..even if most people can't make it. It is our dream to get married on the beach.


We are using Ajua Weddings, and so far they are awesome!! They ask UNFORTUNATELY, for a $300 planning fee..to help you plan every detail. However, most of our questions were answered via email before we even had to pay the $300. The downside is having to pay an additional $750 for the full coordination. I guess it does pay for the no stress factor. So far so good.


Looking forward to reading all the threads on this site!

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Welcome to the board!


The fee sounds very reasonable. I have photographed a wedding before that Ajua coordinated, and they did a fabulous job! The bride is a member here, and she really liked them too.


Where are you going to be married?


It is really fun to have a mariachi band lead you through the streets if you are going to be downtown.



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