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Scavenger hunt?

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I had this very same idea. Pls so share when you finalized all the detials. I'm excited to see it!!

So I had found one awhile back ago,

The Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

Rules: Each task is worth 1 point. Bonuses are worth and additional point. The team

with the most points at the end of the time limit wins. Subtract 1 point for every 5

minutes late you are to the finish.

 Phone in a request to a radio station and have the DJ send a special song out to the

bride. For foolproof evidence, alert other players via cell phone and have them

listen to the radio station. Be creative with your song suggestions.

 Take a picture with a man who has a Chinese character or Dragon tattoo. If you

are one of the few who lack a camera phone convince him to come along. Bonus

point if he meets up at the rendezvous point.

 Convince a man to give you the condom out of his wallet.

 Go to a bar; walk out with the phone numbers of three men. Negative point if any

of the numbers turn out to be bogus.

 Go to a fire station, have one of the firemen dress up in his firefighting suit.

Bonus point if you can get a photo of him to sliding down the pole.

 Acquire two specific food products. One is a banana. The other is donut.

 Find something that can be used as a metaphor for the groom. Think “wet

blanket†or “dough boyâ€. Do not think “stolen babyâ€. Thatâ€s kidnapping and itâ€s


 Arrange lawn ornaments is a position of lovemaking. Take their picture. Bonus

point if you get a picture of a member of your team joining in the fun.

 Obtain a copy of Playgirl magazine. Bonus points if the issue is from before 1995.

That kind of dedication deserves reward.

 Get something embarrassing from the groom. Negative points if the embarrassing

thing turns out to be a “sexual harassment†lawsuit.

 Bring back a food item from the bacheloretteâ€s favorite fast food restaurant.

Negative points if you choose the wrong place.

 Find two golf balls and a sausage. Put them in a bag or sack.

 Write down a toast related to marriage, sex or weddings. Use it later at the

bachelorette party.

 Have three men write the bride a note signing their names and listing reasons why

the bride to should dump her fiancée and marry them. Donâ€t let them try too hard.

 A lock of a manâ€s chest hair. Negative points if one of them is grey.

 Invent ten terms that could be used to describe the male member. I apologize but

“Latin Torpedo†already exists.

 Get change for the condom machine from a man. Men who are working donâ€t

count, so forget asking the bartender.

 A Viagra pill.

 Come up with the largest pair of underwear you can find. The biggest pair of

underwear earns a bonus point.

 Clip a marital advice column out of the paper.

 Obtain something stained with lipstick. No do it yourselfing. Try to come up with

a sexy item.

But you can swtich some of the things for more wedding theme. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something better!

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bump.gif I was wondering if anyone had their list done. I like the idea of having a few disposable cameras on each table, with a short list for a hunt. My ideas so far are...

- the bride and groom kissing

- a couple (not the bride, groom) holding hands

- a silly dance face

- a romantic slow dance (any couple)

- a detail about the wedding reception

- something that seems very "tropical" to you


I am looking for a few more... I am hoping for about 5 per camera, with 3 - 4 cameras (maximum- I might need fewer). Some can double up, but I would rather have a long list to choose from. What do you all think? I don't really want to do a scavenger hunt for the whole week; just that night.

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love the idea, maybe add a camera to take pictures of the items? or scavenger hunt of the guest doing certain thing or with a picture of the items?

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What would you all like pictures of at your receptions from the guest's perspectives? Maybe the youngest guest eating, the oldest guest dancing... someone who has had too much partying... what do you think?

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I am actually including in my welcome binders or pre-travel information (not sure which one yet) a list of questions about me and my FI. There will be a prize for the first couple who completes this!! They are going to be questions that everyone will know!! This will force our guests to talk to each other and get to talking hopefully this will work as a great icebreaker!!

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