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  1. We had 32 people at our reception. It was the best reception I have ever been to! All of the guests raved about it. Steel drum first hour. Fire show second hour. Dj for the rest of the reception. If you have entrainment, the private reception is worth it. If you are just having dinner, I would not spend the extra money for the private reception. Remember, you are only doing this once. Make it great!!!
  2. I really think that they should not call the wedding department planners. They should call them organizers or assistants. A planner actually plans your wedding with you and the GP staff just does what you plan. I gave them typed out, color coded instructions, a check list if you prefer, of everything I wanted. I bought my stuff to them in matching colored bags. NO guess work for them. It was all taken care of for me. We were very happy. I am sorry that it does not turn out that way for everyone. You do have to stay on top of them before you arrive. I remain pleased with how things turned out.
  3. You looked beautiful on your wedding day. I am very sorry your destination wedding did not go as planned. I had a very good experience at GP for mine.
  4. Tai Fora charges $8 for chair rentals. It includes delivery and moving the chairs to the reception. There are no extra fees.
  5. My cell phone did not work. I do not have international calling. I did pick up a signal. Calling cards are available. I did not purchase any but a few guest did. I think the cost was $20. Not sure about how many minutes you get for that.
  6. We did not pay a departure. Things could have changed since July. I have been twice with no fee.
  7. I rented the white chairs from Tai Flora. We used them for both the wedding and reception. The Blue Lagoon has brown chairs.
  8. We had 32 guests. We used the U shaped table setup with 3 centerpieces at the head table and 3 centerpieces on both side tables. We used a total of 9 centerpieces.
  9. White cloth napkins are supplied. Â For some reason I can not attach the Tai Flora catalog for you. Sorry. It really did not help me. It is very outdated.
  10. I think that is a great idea. It would be awesome to have the steel drum players play during your cocktail hour!! They were so good! You will have lots of time to get everything done and enjoy it all. There is not a lot of shade at the beach location so do not forget the sunblock. Hand fans for the guests would be a great idea too. My guests loved them. Happy planning.
  11. It really is not that far. Plan on a 5 to 10 minute walk from the beach ceremony site. However, they will have a driver waiting to take you. We sent the driver away and walked from the Gazebo because we wanted pictures from around the resort. They reception will not start without you. Take your time and enjoy your day. They are really relaxed about time in Jamaica. They will not cut your reception short because you are late to it. They never said anything about us going over our time (30-40 minutes). They even seemed disappointed that we were leaving. They really were great to us. I am sure the tipping helped. Â The Infinity bar is directly above the Blue Lagoon. We meet our guests there for cocktails before the reception. We found it to be a good gathering point. It has a beautiful view and great location.
  12. No I would not have had a cocktail hour if I could redo it. There is no time. If you have one, you will not be able to enjoy it.  Here is how my wedding day went went  4:00 Guests arrive 4:15 Here comes the bride 4:40 Ceremony in over 4:45 Champagne time 5-5:40 pictures 5:45 Infinity bar to meet guests 6:00 reception time. We were late to the reception by 15 minutes.  The meal is a 4 course meal. You will get the first course and cocktails pretty quickly. If you are worried that you will be starved, ask one of your girls to bring you a snack while getting ready.  I had planned to spend 4 hours at the spa. I got an one hour massage, flash facial and my hair done in 2 hours. I would have had plenty of time for lunch.  Spend the money on entertainment. It takes the pressure off of you to entertain and they will not notice the slow service. They will be distracted by the awesomeness of the show!
  13. Thank you for the compliments. I do not think fondant will be an option for the provided cake. They will decorate it with the decorations you provide them or they will put flowers on it. The flowers may not match your colors. I decided to make due with the included cake. I read on the forum about cake designers in Jamaica charging $150 - $200 for delivery only. The cakes were around $300 for a plain cake. I did try to contact a couple but not one replied to the emails. I wish you luck in this area. I spend the money I saved on the cake, on entertainment. I am so glad I did.
  14.  Here is the ceremony order Nina sent me. I would place it before the kiss.    Where you have the cake is your choice. They will do it however you would like. I had mine at the reception because my wedding was at 4pm. There was only 1 hour between the two events. Pictures ate up that hour quick! Now if my wedding was earlier in the day with a longer break between the two events, I would have had the cake at the ceremony site with a cocktail hour.    OOT = Out Of Town ( As I understand it!)  Place cards are placed at the table to mark that guests assigned seat. Cards should have the guests name. Mine were mini beach chairs with ribbon. See picture  Escort cards are used to help guests find their assigned seat. Cards should have the guests name and table number. Mine were paper beach chairs with ribbon attached to lollypop sticks. see picture.  Hope this helps.
  15. Â Oh yes! It was so frustrating. They do not seem to get in a hurry for anything in Jamaica. I just kept emailing until she would answer. As your date gets closer, their response time will get better. Good luck! Â
  16. It was more than I expected. I have tried writing a review but it keeps disappearing on me. Frustrating! I am happy to answer any questions for you.
  17. I got married in Jamaica in July. I had my marriage license back in 3 weeks. I have heard others say theirs took awhile. I may have just got lucky. I would be worried about it too! Have you tried calling them?
  18. I had a 2 tier wedding cake and a grooms cake. They DID NOT charge me any extra for either cake. I would question them about that again! Your per person fee is suppose to cover the cake and champagne. They even added my decorations to the cakes. Here is some pics. The sand is crushed graham crackers.
  19. Here is what Nina sent me: "The floor plan for your group really depends on the size of the group and your preferred seating plan. We can use either round tables (8 persons per table) or square tables (seating 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or even 12), we can have a “U†shape or a “T†shape." I did the "U" shaped seating plan. You can put up to 9 people at the head table. Here is my seating chart:        And what it looked like at the reception.  Here is the escort card display I used.  Quote: Originally Posted by SexyLittleCaboBride2010 MsWhatever...thanks for all the info. You have been such a huge help! Everything turned out beautiful for you. It's definitely reassuring, as I'm getting really stressed about how this all is going to turn out. They really did an awesome job. I gave Nina all my stuff and instructions for how I wanted it. It was perfect! It was awesome. She tagged everything and took notes. Here is some of my stuff that she placed on each place setting.  I did not ship anything. I was worried about it getting stuck in customs. I did not want the added stress.  seating.pages
  20. Here is a pic of my centerpieces. The cost was $55 each.
  21. In re-guards to Tai Flora, I can not stress enough to get your quote directly from them. We I asked the resort for upgrade pricing it was twice as much. When Tai Flora quotes you it will be high and over the budget you give them. You have to just go through it and remove what you do not want. You have to ask them to give you credit for the resort package. But, do not do it before you get the original quote. Also, they will negotiate. They quoted me $8 each plus tax for the chivari chairs. I did not add them to my order until 10 days before my wedding. I got them for $5 each plus tax. The resort quoted me $250 for my bouquet. Tai flora quoted me $125 for my bouquet. I paid $87 to upgrade my bouquet after requesting credit for the resort package. I learned real quick how this was going to work. Good luck but do not get frustrated.
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