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When does Saraha get back?!

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i'll send her an email and see if she's back yet

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hey girls, just got an email back from sarah! she is safe & sound but having computer troubles at home. she promised she would try to log in today from work (its only her 2nd day back there).


here's what she said:



I know I miss you all too!!!!!!!!!

You guys are so sweet, I didnt even know you guys would realize I was gone... should have known you all better :o)

I have been actually trying to get on... I am having some serious BDW withdrawls. I have tried a couple times but my computer at home is not working with that website....and I have only been back to work for two days. (I took almost three weeks off of work becuase I was gone for so long).


Last night I actually was able to log on and wrote a huge thing how I have missed you all and posted pics then I hit sent and my computer froze... I was so mad so I was just gonna long on today at work.


Sorry to make it such a long story!!!


I will definetly long on today if not from work will find a way!!


Tell them all I miss them too, lifes not the same without my fav BDW friends!!!

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