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Post Your Wedding Vows

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Have you written your vows? Want to share them and your inspiration for them? Will you memorize or read? Will they be adapted for your destination?


Ours are below:


I promise to seek truth when tempted by lies

To stay present when I want to turn away

To choose compassion when anger feels easier

To embrace your needs and care about them like my own

To give and receive comfort during hard times

To share my heart with those you love

To make your family people that I care about because you do

To nuture you with honesty, joy and passion

To grow with you

To be a witness to your life and invite you to be a witness to mine


adapted from the book Lies at The Altar by Dr. Robin Smith





Love, Joy, Understanding, Friendship, Courage...

In joining your lives may God grant you both...

Love... to afford each other a special quality of time together.

Joy...in the accomplishments of one another.

Understanding...that your interests and desires

will not always be the same.

Friendship...based on mutual trust.

Courage...to speak of a misunderstanding

and to work on a solution

before the setting of the sun.

Compassion...to comfort each other in pain and sorrow.

Foresight...to realize rainbows follow rainy days.

Imagination...to keep with you part of the child you used to be.

Mirth...from your sense of humor.

Awareness...to live each day with the knowledge

that there is no promise of tomorrow.

May God bless you and keep you

in the Palm of His hand.



And I Have You


Rain has drops

Sun has shine

Moon has beams

That make you mine



Rivers have banks

Sands for shores

Hearts have heartbeats

That make me yours



Needles have eyes

Though pins may prick

Elmer has glue

To make things stick



Winter has Spring

Stockings feet

Pepper has mint

To make it sweet



Teachers have lessons

Soup du jour

Lawyers sue bad folks

Doctors cure



All and all

This much is true

You have me

And I have you


Written by Nikki Giovanni

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Those are really sincere and beautiful vows, they say everything. thank you for sharing. The prayer and poem are lovely too! Tensing Pen is gorgeous, your wedding will be so beautiful.

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there are many threads about vows, please also search for them. I will move your thread to the appropriate section.

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OMG I love that she used these vows!! (even though I know she's banned and this thread is super old, I am pumped that someone else loved them as much as FI and I do). FI and I are reading "Lies At The Altar" now and found these vows and plan to use them for ours. They are so very honest and do-able. I've never really bought into the white-picket fairy tale, but I do know that what these vows say is what I am capable of doing in a marriage. I always recommend that book to my friends. Good stuff!

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