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I passed my cert. exam....YIPPEE!

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Originally Posted by highheels View Post
That is awesome! Congrats! I take my PMP next month & I am so nervous!!

What did you use to study?
I did an awesome prep course last fall amazing PMP instructor. I also re-read the PMBOK like 3 times (inc. glossary), used Rita Mulcahy's Hot Topics flash cards (daily on the ride to work), read some of her PMP book and I think there was a sample tests by knowledge area by her that I used to practice going back and researching ones I got wrong. I borrowed them from the work library.

A guy I work with who just did his PMP, used the Rita Mulcahy FastTrack Exam Prep CD's (sample tests) and really liked them.

I studied my 5x9x44, ITTO's and tried to grasp the concepts and understand what went with what. Also doing a brain dump (on the scrap they give you) during the tutorial helped. You really have to take your time and read the questions (alot of MOST, NOT, EXCEPT questions).

Mine was more theory (PMBOK book only) than yours will be for the PMP, yours involves the application. Hope this helps. Best of luck and let me know how you do.

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