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  1. No they didn't charge me for any setup. I gave them a very detailed table setup with my lanterns, table runners, place card frames & maracas which they had to tie ribbon around. I did just notice that the DVD we all look short and fat. I think the videographer accidentally burned it in widescreen but filmed in it full screen mode. I am going to email him today and hope he can burn us another copy.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by sonyasea Your dress is stunning! Thanks it is actually a bridesmaid dress. Quote: Sounds like you scored with the photographer. Would love to see your photos and video if you decide to post. I will post some more so you can see. Quote: Also, the chair sashes look terrific. Where did you buy them? I bought them from Sashes for Love for $2 a piece & also a table runner. They sent me a sample before I placed my order. Sashes For Love Quote: I am getting married at Dreams in Puerto Vallarta in December and would love to speak with you directly about the Ultimate package and billing. Will forward my contact info if you accept private messages. I would love to help send any questions to courtneyryan33@gmail.com
  3. We just got back from Dreams and I posted my review: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t32094 Let me know if you have any questions. Besides being rainy and windy as heck the wedding perfect.
  4. Here is my review. I apologize if it is a little all over the place. We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and were greeted by the friendly staff. The resort is beautiful and the food amazing… you know that feeling you get after Thanksgiving dinner? That is kind of how we felt the whole time we were down there. Like other brides have stated, the décor could use an update- but the resort is very clean. We choose the Dreams ultimate package. We met with Gaby Wednesday morning. It was a very quick meeting. I asked Gaby about getting Dan a room for the night before. It took me asking a few times and from what Dan told me it seemed as though someone was giving her a hard time but he finally did get a room. We had 16 people total for the wedding. We did not get any sort of credit for not having 20 guests that were included in the package. I asked all of the guests to wear white and/or khaki. They all did with the exception of my very pregnant SIL- poor thing had a hard time finding white maternity wear. It did not rain once for more than minutes any time we were there except… the wedding day. It rained non stop starting at noon. Hair & Make-up- I got my hair and make-up done by Muriel (sp). She was a little hard to understand and used a crazy amount of hairspray but she did an awesome job. I brought pictures of hair I wanted. I did notice in a few of my pictures that I have a slight make-up line but no big deal. Flowers: Gaby did exactly what I wanted and didn’t charge me extra based on the pictures I gave to her. One word of caution, the roses were died pink and bled a little on my dress. I got back to the tower where we were staying to get ready and it was still raining. Even though cocktail hour and dinner were suppose to be outside everything was moved to the hotel lobby. Gaby was insistent that since the rain was light we could still do the wedding outside. By some miracle the rain stopped just as I was going down the isle. It was windy as heck, but I didn’t feel a drop. I did not get a sound system and used the Altec Lansing for my Ipod as others suggested. Unfortunately, due to the wind it was hard to hear as I walked down the isle. Ceremony 4:00: Gaby and I didn’t talk about what would be used for the symbolic ceremony. It was a little religious for me but it was ok. The woman who preformed everything was very easy to understand but very soft spoken so a couple of minutes into the ceremony everyone got off their chairs and came into the gazebo with us. Photos: Right before we left for the wedding we canceled out photographer. I was crushed but we just started building a house- and spending almost $2,000 when photos were already included in the package didn’t seem justified any more. We lucked out. The guy who took our photos took over 300 of them and offered to give them all to us on a CD for $200. His pictures turned out really nice. I have included some of his pics below. I got them right before we left. We also brought along a laptop and at the end of the trip downloaded everyone pictures. We have over 1,000 pics from everyone. DVD: It is cute. I am glad we have it. He did a very nice job. Decorations: I brought a table runner, cake topper crystal letters, chair sashes battery lanterns, & maraca favors. I gave Gaby a drawing of the table and they did the set up perfectly. Cocktail hour- They have to had started that immediately when we left to get pictures because we headed off well before 5:00 and it was wrapping up when we got back. Oh well. Our guests said the Caribbean Trio and appetizers were awesome. Dinner: A few of our choices were a little odd but a few people like them. The lobster bisque was really salty and pure liquid. The bartenders were awesome. They called Dan and I by name and brought everyone fun shots we hadn’t heard of the entire night. Cake: I think we got the vanilla cake which was very good. We had our moms move it to a cocktail size table since it was all set up on was a very low table. A cocktail table is a lot higher and much better for picture taking. Tidbits: The workout room is a sauna. Be prepared to sweat. Beer offered at the resort: Bud, Bud Light, Corona Light, Corona, Budweiser, and some dark Mexican beer that no one could let us know what it was called. We finally found out that Discover would not charge the 3% fee for making charges in Mexico. We tried to use it when we checked out but Dreams said they do not accept Discover. Dan is insistent he read on their website they did. Cost us around $90 to pay for our package. I loved the resort but do feel as if it is somewhat of a wedding factory. That might be because some of the Tulum brides were having their wedding there. Every day there were 2 weddings. One time the weddings were close to an hour apart. Funny: 2 days after our wedding I was taken by a reception happening out in the garden area and didn’t pay attention to where I was walking and ran into a column- I gave myself a black eye. Holy crap- I still say those poles moved on me.
  5. I finally got my final RSVP back and even though the 2 couples were 95% sure they were coming- they are not. So that brings my guest total to only 16. I had originally stated I wanted the Ultimate Package but that is for 20 people. Does anyone know if I have any other options other than what is listed on the Dreams website? I have read from a previous post that it is better to get a package because everything separately really adds up. But I am only having 16 people, I am bringing my own centerpieces and don't need any of the gazebo décor (with the exception of the chair covers) so I am torn. I just wish I had some more options to choose from. OK sorry for rambling on. Did anyone opt to do something other than the packages posted on the Dreams site?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Bianca You could alternate maybe? Thanks for posting that site! I've been looking for chair sashes. All the people on ebay sell by the 100! Here is a site I found for chair sashes with a minimum order of only 7. They are also listed on ebay. I had them send me a sample of their deep fuchsia satin fabric and it was perfect. I plan on ordering about 24 sashes from them and a table runner. Their Site: Sashes For Love Ebay Listing: SATIN CHAIR SASHES BOWS FOR WEDDINGS RECEPTIONS PARTIES - eBay (item 320277139595 end time Jul-30-08 17:04:04 PDT)
  7. I painted these and decorated them: Discount School Supply - Decorate Your Own Wooden Maracas - Set of 12
  8. I am doing fuchsia as well- just fuchsia. I had a fuchsia table runner with matching chair ties made from a seller on eBay. I have also bought several 12" battery lanterns to go down my table runner. My favors are fuchsia maracas that I bought plain and painted and decorated. I have all kinds of rhinestones embellishments throughout my table (place card frames, cake monograms etc).
  9. My dress has a sweetheart neck and a deep v back and I am having a hard time finding the right bra. I ran across the Nubra on the Internet. Has anyone tried this bra? I am a full C and tried a sticky type bra contraption from Victoria Secret years ago with no luck so I am a little hesitant. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. That is awesome! Congrats! I take my PMP next month & I am so nervous!! What did you use to study?
  11. 1. Display the slide you want to save as a picture 2. On the File menu, select Save As. 3. In the Save as type list, select the graphics format you want, and then click Save- JPEG 4. Select 'Save' 5. Popup Do one of the following: If you want to save only the current slide select Current Slide Only. If you want to save every slide in a presentation select Every Slide. Hope this helps.
  12. Online Wedding Deals By far the lowest price for my dress however it was suppose to take 12-14 weeks for delivery. Towards the end of the 14th week my order status had not changed on their website. They gave me some run around story and it wasn't until I emailed several more times that they shipped it and I rec'd the dress at the end of the 15th week in a very tiny box. So in the end I got my dress for a great price- just a little more stress than I wanted to go through for my dress. Price A Customer Service- C
  13. Using the boarding pass template for my invitations. According to USPS my RSVPs are a tad over the sizing for post card postage. I thought I read in a post months ago that you were able to use a post card stamp. Thoughts? Thanks for your help!
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