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Dreams PC rooms- pictures?

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So I have been on every web site possible and also asked my TA for pics of the rooms at the Dream's PC since there are so many different ones / levels to choose from. I want to know what they look like and what the difference is between them so that I know what I am paying for.

This is also very important to us because there is a group of us going for our wedding and guests are asking the same question.

Even on the dreams web site there are no pictures of the rooms, labeling which category they are. Just really vague and I am wondering if anyone has pics of the rooms and what category they are / if there is anywhere that I can find this info?

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I tried the Dreams forum and there are no specific pics. some people have random pics of rooms.. But I was hoping to find pics with them labeled as to what rooms they are so I can send them to my guests... Some of them are not to internet savvy. I will check out YouTube- thanks!

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The rooms are ALL similar. The only difference is in the Honeymoon suite which has a separate living room, larger bathroom & jaccuzi on the patio. I was told when booking that the 'supersaver' room is the same as the delux room. The only difference is the beds (king or 2 double) and the view (garden, pool or ocean).

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