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Pictures that might be helpful for someone looking for BM dresses

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Click the image to open in full size.


I went BM dress shopping with a friend this week for a wedding I'm a bridemaid in. She wanted all the same color (clover green) & same material, but different styles.


We found the after six brand to have more options than others. There were 10 cute choices in the same material & tea-length.


We'll order them from netbride or another discount website for around $100.


They have a large variety of colors so this would be an easy option. You can just pick a color & there is probably something to suit all your BMs.


I put the pictures together with the style numbers to send all the other BMs. I thought I'd share because someone else might find it useful.

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Originally Posted by ErinB View Post
Morgan, I really wish you had been one of my bridesmaids! You know only understand what being in a wedding entails, you go above and beyond!
Thanks! If the bride is nice to me, I do everything I can to help out. She is wanting us to have dresses we like for a price that isn't bad, so I am happy to help her find them & put the pictures together. I also like saving people money so I want to find the dresses for a better price. I saved everyone $100 in the other wedding I'm in this year.

It probably seems like I'm doing so much for her because I just posted several things today. That's because she was just in NC visiting me so we did a lot wedding stuff. I won't be around for showers, bachelorette parties, or any of those things so this is stuff I can do to help out.

She is helping me out too as my honorary BM. I tried on my wedding dress for her & she helped me decide how much cleavage I should have. That is a good friend to watch you make adjustments to your bra to see just how much is enough but not too much :) lookatme.gif

I might need to stop doing so much as a BM though. After this wedding, that makes 9. I don't know if I want to do any more.
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