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Dreams Cancun - Questions for those married here!

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Originally Posted by 070707 View Post


If you've been married at Dreams Cancun, or can provide help, I (and I'm sure many others) have some questions that I hoping you can answer!!


I'd like to hear some feedback on the Photography and Video services offered by the resort? Is it a resort photographer or do they contract an outside company? What's included...hours of service, digital/film, all pics on CD, etc.?

We signed up for a package that included photography/video but now I'm thinking about hiring an outside company to be safe.


How was the hair/makeup service?


How long did all the legal business take...blood tests, etc.?


About how long is the Civil Ceremony?


How was the Judge? Professional, easy to understand in English, etc?


Did anyone sign up for the stereo/speaker system for the ceremony (not the reception)? It seemed really expensive ($200) and I was wondering if it's worth it.


How is the Terrace for the reception? Good location?


Is there an option to have a bond fire on the beach with tiki torches, etc?


How are the Club Jacuzzi Jr. Suites? Good views of the ocean?


Any other tips or suggestions you can think of?


Thanks!!! :) popcorn.gif

Hello- I haven't posted much on here but I just got back from my Dreams cancun wedding (9/2/12) and I felt obligated to steer anyone else getting married here in the right direction.

Our wedding was A M A Z I N G. There is not one thing I would change about it. I did almost no planning beforehand and was working with a tighter budget for our 50 guest wedding. Please see some of my photos by going to the facebook page "Alicia Millane Photography & Retouching" and look for Cancun Wedding file. Alicia was our friend who came to the resort and took photos as a gift for us, but to take the pressure off her ( since she is not a wedding photographer) we hired an outside photographer, Sascha Gluck for 5 hours $1600 ( and by error, he showed up an hour early, so we had him for 6) 

As for your questions.....


The on-site photography is great! I ended up using them for my "trash the dress" session, I originally didn't use them because I looked at someone's slideshow who used them and I thought the quality was not good. I was wrong... it just looked that way because it was a low-res online gallery. Our TTD pictures were gorgeous!! I found Sascha to be awesome though too, he brought an assistant with him and his main goal is to document the day. He was reasonably price compared to other cancun photographers.Then like I said before our amazing friend Alicia came and did pictures over Sascha's shoulder. We are in love with her shots!


The video that comes with your wedding is a bonus too.... they have definitely a ton of these under their belt so they are professionals. It is a great keepsake and fun to show family who didn't come. I am so glad we kept it and it came with our package (ultimate)


I traded our photography that came with the package for all of our flowers. They used the flowers to decorate the gazebos and then moved them onto the tables. All I did was give our WC a swatch of our wedding colors and told her to pick out some beautiful arrangements to go with and she took care of the rest. They were awesome.


Since I was using my own photographer- I paid for our TTD session outside of my wedding package .... on the online booklet , they say it costs $499. I opted for a cheaper version not advertised online...$225 for 1 hour of shooting and 15 final chosen photos, online gallery of all, AND a photobook of the 15 pictures. I thought 15 pictures was plenty. They came out way better than I expected. And I am sure my flowers which doubled as gazebo decor & centerpieces cost a whole lot more than $225.


I was MOST nervous about my hair. Mareia did my hair and it came out awesome. I had my friend do my makeup but when I was in the spa one day I saw them do another brides makeup and it came out great.


I did my legal marriage back home. The JOP that conducted our ceremony was great, spoke english very well, and our non-religious ceremony was very touching.


Honestly I love the regular oceanfront rooms, but my mom stayed in the club tower and her room was really nice, and more up-to-date. The only downfall is being farther from the ocean. When you are in the pyramid building the ocean is breathing down your back. It is like being on a cruiseship with a huge room and no motion sickness! We ended up upgrading from our oceanfront to the presidential suite in the pyramid for and extra $90 a day. Way less than what it really was and only something you can really negotiate once you are there! This room was to die for. Huge living room, 2 bathrooms, an additional vanity area with sink, HUGE terrace with hot tub and amazing views. The only reason we switched to this room is because my mom wanted to surprise us with the suite and paid for the upgrade, otherwise I would have been perfectly happy with the deluxe oceanfront.


BEST CEREMONY LOCATION??? Caribe Beach! Omg so amazing, private, and breath-taking. Terrace is only available if 70 percent of your guests or more are staying in the club tower. We did our cocktail hour in the garden with the mexican trio mariachi band. Our guests had a blast with them.


Last tip: get the DJ - we did at the last minute and it was the BEST decision. enough said..


Also- you could do zero wedding detail planning besides invites, favors, and things like that and you can show up , sit down and pick out everything in less than 2 hours. I had no clue what to do for food, flowers, centerpieces, or anything and this was the best wedding I have been to, Leave it to the professionals- the wedding coordinators at DREAMS.


if you have any quests please email me directly and I'd be happy to help - knightkaj@gmail.com

I do not come on here often... 

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Originally Posted by Thebride View Post


Hello Ladies,

Can anyone tell me if we are responsible for the place cards or do they do it?  Also, has anyone use the videographer and the photographer from the Hotel?  Were they any good?  Also I will be doing a welcome bag, any suggestion on what I should put in there.

You need to make your own place cards & table #s


The photographer from the hotel is good, but I think it is a lot to buy extra time from them. 

I booked Sascha Gluck for 1600 for 5 hours. So you can compare..

I did not do welcome bags, but if i did... so many of our guests asked around for stain remover & tums.. also nips of liquor might be cute, sun chapstick, aloe vera, snacks- like trailmix, candy, etc..

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Hi - This is what Cecilia sent me.  I am getting the ultimate package with Buffett.

Originally Posted by jwhite789 View Post

I was told by Cecilia that you have to select one entree menu option, but does anyone know if this applies to buffet or just the plated dinner option? I know on the website they give like 3 or 4 options for each of the appetizer, salad,and entree with the buffet so I guess I am a little confused! Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


Find attached the buffet menu, you can mix and match from silver and gold, remember you need to select:

2 appetizers

3 salads

3 main courses

1 soup

2 desserts




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Hello there! I am so new to this! But I was wondering can you send me the information of the flower options and all that? my email is yanesita55@yahoo.com. Also, did all of you book everything with the venue? or are there cheaper options? DJ, Flowers etc. Thank you soo much (: 


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Anyone have any idea how the menu works for the Ulitmate Pkg. Do you pick and if so how many did you get to pick from each app, soup, main desert?

You one only get to choose one item ?

Does the guest get to pick their own meal?

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I am about thirteen days away from our Dreams (ulitimate package) wedding and Cecilia email me about two weeks ago with this.



Find attached the options for the centerpieces (2 included) and the cocktail appetizers menus, were you will be able to select 6 items total (3 hot and 3 cold ones)




I was able to select from the Silver and Gold Menu.  They also allow you to select from the Silver and Gold menu to complete you sit down dinner menu option.  For example, you can select a salad from the Silver Menu, the Main Entree from the Gold menu etc.  I do not believe they allow your guest to select thier own meal. Perhaps they will for an additional fee.


I hope this information is helpful.


Kind Regards




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