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  1. We switched our mexican band for 2 hours of DJ. The cost equivelent was the same so that worked. You definately need the sound system for the wedding, it is extremely windy and I believe it is worth the cost
  2. Alina - I wrote my own ceremony and asked that whomever is performing read it before... they did a fantastic job ! He didnt make any mistakes and added some "words of wisdom" here and there. We were not so worried about being extremely formal so it worked out great!
  3. Hi! http://dreamsresortsblog.com/2013/01/23/wedding-wednesday-dreams-cancun-hosts-a-traditional-sikh-wedding/ Check this out! I remember reading your post. Dreams just posted one.
  4. My wedding was scheduled for 4 pm but began at about 4:30 p. and my reception was at 6 pm! The sunset was beautiful!
  5. Hi -- I just got back from my wedding --- i have a couple ideas/views for you. See links to my trash the dress shot - which will give you an idea of resort photographer (and pics during the day the next day) http://wilsonkeenanttd.dreamsresortcancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/ Also - Here is a couple of Juan's photos. My wedding was scheduled for 4 pm but was delayed till about 4:30. We honestly just ran out of light for the couples photos. But Juan was amazing..
  6. Eeek 1 week and counting from today! I am so nervous ladies! Everything in the air ahh I will update you after. Leaving in 2 days!
  7. This is what cecilia sent to me: Please for ceremony make a cd or a play list with: 2-3 songs for guest to sit, 1 song (around 4 min long) for bridesmaids, 1 song for your entrance and 1 song for walking out. Give that cd to me on arrival. For reception dinner, you have 2 hours included, please tell me if will be the 2 first hours(6-8 pm) or the 2 last hours (7-9 pm), you have to bring an ipod also with your music selection. If you have program to have main dances, bring them too. And If you want to have announcements to make, please assign someone from your guest to do it. Sound system comes with a technician to play the music selection you have, but they wont make MC’s. Good Luck! We will probaby see each other! I arrive on the 8th!
  8. Love this shot!!! And you look Beautiful! Congratulations
  9. Congratulations! The only answer i can give is the last, if you bring the tulle, they should set it up for you no problem. If you are looking for a standard Video... http://www.videowedd.com/ THis is the video service for dreams Cancun and it can show you a video of wedding
  10. Absolutely - My back up plan is this: https://abuttercreamwedding.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/both-up-and-down.jpg The link is to a woman's hair who is set up as a loose updo that gets a pin pulled and becomes a half up half down, thus allowing a loose style look for the ceremony (where it is windy) but all my photos will be half down. (how I want my pics to look and should be better)
  11. Jen - I did a Site visit April 12. The Gazebo sits on a point and therefore is exposed to more wind than most locations. My plan is to wear my hair down, however If i wake up that morning and it is really windy, i will have a back up plan to pull it up. I saw 5 weddings while i was there, and most had there hair pulled up due to the wind.
  12. Rehearsal dinner: It’s $15pp to arrange a rehearsal dinner. The whole time we had so many people we would just show up to each restaurant and ask to be seated together and most of the time we were seated either together or in two big tables. So I cancelled it and did the same thing the night before the wedding. The people at world café get really upset but if you tip the head waiter you won’t get dirty looks anymore. We tipped him about 100 pesos every night and left some one the table for the other waiters. There is the response. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/2782/dreams-cancun-questions-for-those-married-here/6150#post_1742333 Link to the post.
  13. Paloma bonita is free - as it is included (As part of the resort) however it is a limited menu and you reserve the morning of at a booth by the dolphins. The other three i cannot quote an exact price, but if i recall it was about $15 per person. I think you can find the exact price on the Dreams cancun - questions for those married here! Thread.