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  1. Hi Brides, I am literally seven days away from my wedding at Dreams and would also like to send a heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who has ever posted to this thread. You all provided amazing suggesting which assisted me in not becoming a complete BRIDEZILLA. My MOH thanks you too, LOL. With regard to your outside photographer question, I was given a discount on the sound system for the entire day as we are flying in our photographer. Originally I was working with Cecilia however she will now be on holiday during my wedding, good for her. I am now working with Claudia and she has been just a responsive and promises to honor every agreement made by and with Cecilia. I will post a review as soon as we return along with some pictures. Again thank you all!
  2. Here is the link she sent me for centerpieces https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?view=att&th=139b687bd3864756&attid=0.1&disp=vah&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P8WWaImdotcfz_YhxTChuXf&sadet=1349114827515&sads=-ylWHMM69pM-TtwEAt6wbUS1veU&sadssc=1
  3. Hi, I am about thirteen days away from our Dreams (ulitimate package) wedding and Cecilia email me about two weeks ago with this. Find attached the options for the centerpieces (2 included) and the cocktail appetizers menus, were you will be able to select 6 items total (3 hot and 3 cold ones) Regards! I was able to select from the Silver and Gold Menu. They also allow you to select from the Silver and Gold menu to complete you sit down dinner menu option. For example, you can select a salad from the Silver Menu, the Main Entree from the Gold menu etc. I do not believe they allow your guest to select thier own meal. Perhaps they will for an additional fee. I hope this information is helpful. Kind Regards Precious
  4. I just saw you album and you looked wonderful. You guys look you had a really good time.
  5. 33 days away and I am also getting the "Ultimate" but we are flying in our photographer. I was not very impressed with the Resort's photographer. The website states, " Full color photos & wedding photo album (36 photos) (50 photos) Video of the ceremony, edited I believe the video is about 30 mins total of edited footage from the day. We chose to fly in our photographer because believe it or not it was more cost effective to get what we really want. After all is said and done, its the pictures that take us back to that day. This was something I was not willing to skimp on. He will be with us when our arrive, the rehearsal dinner and all throughout our wedding day.
  6. Hi ladies, I have hit my 2 month mark. The Dreams website offers a check list that is really helpful. The check list is really specific to our unique location. I keep reading post from all of the awesome brides on the site that once you get there Cecilia is amazing and you really have nothing to worry about. I hope this helps. I know we all are going to have an amazing day!
  7. I got goose bumps and butterflies in my stomach looking at your pictures. I am 3 months, 1 day, 7 hours and 23 minutes away from our big day. LOL You were a very pretty bride! You guys look like you had a great time. Thank you for sharing your day with us.
  8. Alina, Thank you for posting. My wedding is Oct 13, 2012 and I chose Dreams for many of the same reason. However, the primary one - LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. You simply will not find a more perfect site for your wedding in Cancun. Cecilia has been so gracious in answering my 2.5 million questions coupled with everyone on this thread. We are super excited and looking forward to having an amazing time in October. Thank you again for putting my mind more at ease!
  9. In house Photographer at Dreams The in-house photographer is adventure, their web site is www.adventurephotosmx.com Hi, I'm trying to debate on using another photographer I saw online (del sol). Can you tell me who the resort uses and if they have a website?  If we don't use the photographer who come with the package can we swap it for something? Thank you Sent from my iPad On Apr 3, 2012, at 11:08 AM, "Cecilia Rangel" wrote: Your reception dinner will be at Himitsu beach, great location!!!! Cecilia Rangel Coordinadora de Bodas /Wedding coordinator weddings1.drecu@dreamsresorts.com Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa Punta Cancún s/n Zona Hotelera Cancún, Q.Roo, México 77500 +52-(998) 8 48 7000 ext 7603
  10. Thank you, I have decided to go with the sound system/tech for the ceremony and Dj for the reception. I'm thinking 2hours should be enough as we will have the Mexican trio for a set. BTook the advise of the amazing brides on the forum and confirmed the Himitsu Beach for the reception site. Decided against the bows on the chairs. Looking at Del Sol photographer. Cecilia has yet to give me the name of the resorts photographer so I can view their work. Now putting together center pieces. I see you brought you own photographer. Did you still use the resorts photographer that cam with the package?
  11. Leigh2011 First and foremost let me say THANK YOU. I forwarded your preparation thread to my MOH. You really penned the sentiments and visons for my own day. Since joining and reading this forum I have emailed Cecilia to reserve the Himitsu Beach and also requested a list of DJ's. So far we have 17 confirmed traveling with us with a possible 8 more so I'm preparring for 25 guest. Not sure aobut the formal menu's and formal table settings. From the resort pictures that appear to do a decent job. Can you elaborate? Also could you tell me; the lighting on the beach, was that an additional cost? And was you DJ used for the ceremony ie music while your guest waited and the reception the same, or is the ala carte, e.g. rent the sound system for the ceremony and then hire the DJ. I really appreciate your time. Kind Regards
  12. Greetings, My name is Precious our wedding date and location s October 13,2012 at the Dreams Resort and Spa in Cancun Mexico. I am excited to join the forum.
  13. Thank you for this thoughtful tip. My destination wedding is at Dreams Cancun in October 2012. I AM VERY NERVOUS. I coordinate weddings in the states and the thought of not being there to coordinate my own until four day before is killing me. Can anyone tell me the best location to have there reception. We are getting married at 3pm Ultimate Wedding package 1 hour cocktail and then the dinner reception. I am afraid that if we do the beach it will not be properly lit. Also, can anyone tell me if this will be a traditional wedding reception...ie first dance, cutting the cake, DANCING lol. Any tips to ensure this happens? Best Regards
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