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Dreams Cancun - Questions for those married here!

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Hey RoSean!


I have a silly one for you to check when you are there ...


Would you see if the safes in the rooms can hold a 15 inch laptop?

Would you also check if there is a daily the internet access charge?


Hehe! I just don't know if I can go without my laptop :)




PS: I saw your engagement video last night!

It is so sweet! What a cute couple!

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I think I can answer your questions....unless things have changed since Feb. when my parents were there.... there is free wireless internet in the lobby areas for sure. The safes in the standard deluxe rooms would NOT fit a laptop. They're pretty small!

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Thanks for offering to ask Claudia a few questions for all of us. How exciting that you get to go...

I'm also wondering about what kind of glass containers/vases Dreams has on hand. I will be bringing down seaglass, floating candles, and starfish, but don't want to bring down glass containers if I don't have to. Will you ask about the variety they have on hand (maybe they have a list), and if there would be any cost to use them. Also, what is the set-up fee?

Thanks so much!

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Hello everyone! I am new on here and interested in more info on wedding pricing at Dreams. We are thinking June of 2008. Does anyone know how much a day pass is (or if we need them) for guests who aren't staying at Dreams? And how much is a private dinner reception? I appreciate all your help! This forum is sooo helpful!

I dont have enough points to open most of the attachments yet, so i'd love it if you could email me at mariah_sherin@hotmail.com.

Thank you so much!

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Hi ladies...

Brenda was SO nice in answering about a million questions I had for her. I thought I'd post her response in case it helps someone else out, and hopefully to save her from answering the same question twice:

Some of my questions are in purple, Brenda's responses in blue:


Thanks so much for your comments. Ya know we were so nervous especially having a new planner the day we arrived. But again it turned out beautifully and we would do it all over!!! Now too answer your questions...

What package did you go with? How many hours did Citlali stay?

----We we went with the Special package III

Photo coverage 5 hours

Photo Coverage Schedule from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m

Extra Hours 250.00us

cost 1,650.00 us

---- We ended up asking her to stay an extra hour because we had troubles with the video guy missing out on a few things because he left early...long story....anyhow they stayed an extra hour for the $250.

------She arrived an hour before the ceremony (4pm)...was directed to go to see me in the salon at the resort ....them went to see the boys in their room and then met us in my room with my girls. She just found her way around... She then went down to the gazebo and took shots of people arriving, minister, etc. She really took initiative!!

Second: your hair

----- I loved my hair too!!!!

Did someone from the salon at Dreams do your hair?

----- Yes I arrived Wednesday and once I was there I set a trial appointment for Friday (wanted to wait till the parents arrived) I took a pic of what I was going for. I ordered the flowers from the same vendor.

I had Christian at the salon do both my makeup and hair. I loved him!!! He was right on with the makeup... I'm not much into makeup and so I wanted something natural but a glow....and he nailed it at the trial and so I was very comfortable knowing he was doing my hair for my wedding. (the trial for both was about $90)

Cocktail hour:

----- Yes we did get to go to the cocktail reception for a few minutes....that's where the champagne was served as everyone exited the wedding.... Didnt get to eat the food but heard it was good..... We went with the gold...but I remember being able to choose anything on any menu to put what we wanted together....

What about the music? Did you go with a mariachi trio?

---- We went with the carribean trio (who arrived 10 minutes later so ceremony was late)....but they were great and played in the background during the ceremony... it was very nice....



How did you like the "garden" location?

--- We really liked the garden location!!! It was a great view and a nice area. If guests were to walk by they did so on the sidewalk and we didnt even notice....it's your own little world...especially with a big group....

What was the wind like?

--- Gotta say it was windy.... my veil flew off as I walked down the aisle....my dad fixed it though..so it was cute.... Its a nice breeze the whole day so you dont ever get hot....its confortable...

What about the bathroom situation?

------ the bathroom is steps away in the tower lobby as was the closet bar.....

They had about 5-6 servers coming to get drink orders and covered service for the tables even though we had a buffet. But people sometimes walked to the bar to get drinks as well....not a bother...

Setting up a bar in the garden is not a bad idea though.... I would ask about that....especially since you party is so big.....

What dinner package did you go with?

----- We had the buffet....gold package...again they let us pick from any menu to compile our buffet menu

we had steak and chicken, salads, tortilla soup, dessert station...


Did you do a cake?

---- Okay we were not impressed with the cake....we gave a pic of what we wanted and well it must have just been tossed out..... You may want to be firm on that if you want a certain cake or see if you can order outside....



Who was you vendor?

--- well the flowers were a gift from family so they didn't give us a hard time..... family ordered from a place in cancun.... we took a ride there on wed evenin to confirm and pick out details.....it was kinda in a rough neighborhood but the owner was great.... we loved our centerpieces and the bouquets....if you want a specific name....i'll have to get back to you


Lastly (finally, I know), the DJ:

Which DJ service did you use?

----- The DJ was through Claudia.... we asked what he played...etc... well he just wasn't what we hoped for....again...noone noticed but us since we kept up with him....but it was annoying.....at the end of the night my husband ended up the the spin table for fun...it was cool


---- We were hoping he could MC but he was not good at all..... ill have to ask for a name and get back to you.... not sure if she has a few DJ's she uses....

we took cds with our special songs and told him when to play them....that worked out fine..... again my husband is a DJ so he gave him some mixes as well to play throughout the night....


Hope this helps susan..... wanted to contribute to others as others have for me.....

have a few tips to help things more smoothly i'll write up for you soon....




Thanks again to Brenda for all the help!!! What would we do without each other!

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I'm back from my Cancun site visit and I must say my choice of having the wedding at Dreams was definitely reinforced.


Susan, you can arrange to have the glass container with Claudia of any shapes and size for around $20 each.


Paula, internet access is included if staying at the Club Tower. Everyone else has 15 minutes free access to the internet by going to the business center (has 3 computers).


I'll be posting other info and pictures I got.


Stay tuned!

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Before I forget, the answer to the big question...


White tablecloths and napkins are included in the price. Any other color is for an additional costs.

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Susan, thanks for posting Brenda's wedding info.

I thought we cannot bring outside florists to Dreams.


I was hoping to go with an outside florists for my centerpiece to save a bit of $. I know we can bring any decorations for the centerpiece tables.


I guess if we get flowers for the tables and they see it the day of the wedding, they won't try to give us a hard time since it's already done.


Sort of a gamble...

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rosean, I'm so happy to hear you had a good time on your site visit! Can't wait to see some pictures!


BTW ladies. I finally got an email back from Claudia, apparently she had not gotten the first one.


In regards to putting down a deposit and paying for the wedding package, she told me that sometimes people haven't decided which package they want, she said that my TA is one of their best customers, so if I didn't send a deposit not to worry about it, but if I felt more comfortable I could send 50% and she gave me the information to wire the money. She also told me she would get the contract together for me.


Its not really a very informative answer,but it sounds like they really don't have a formal policy.

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