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My FSIL's guest... AKA why I don't have to pay for fireworks at the wedding.


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FI would KILL me if he knew I was posting it, but I just find the whole thing SO FUNNY!!! So if you ever meet him, you know NOTHING about this.jerry.gif


So, a bit of background, FI's parents are very, very Italian catholic. As in, when I moved in with FI, they didn't come to visit for about 6 months! When we stay with them, we sleep in different rooms.


FSIL is married. Nominally. She and her hubby live in the same house, but sleep in different rooms, have been talking about divorce, etc. for several years. She dates, and I've met several of her boyfriends. They also have an adorable 6 year old daughter. So, the save the date was sent to FSIL and her daughter, but didn't include her hubby.


Yesterday, I asked her to forward me information on their flights to the wedding so that we can arrange transportation to the hotel for them. I get the flight confirmation and she's booked flights for her, her daughter and HER BOYFRIEND!!! I called FI and told him - his response to me was not to tell his parents, and that the next time he felt like getting in an argument, he'd call his sister.


OMHFG! His parents are going to FREAK OUT. As far as they are concerned, she's married. End. Of. Story. And she's bringing her boyfriend to our wedding AND the two of them are staying in the same room with her daughter. You guys want to see some good family drama? Pull up a chair and bring a camera because it ain't gonna get any better than this!!!


Frankly, I like her boyfriend. He's very nice. I might like him more than I like her, so I really don't mind that she invited him, but DAAAAAAMN... when FILs find out I won't need to hire a pyrotechician for the wedding - we'll have all the fireworks we need!

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OMG I love it - the shit is going to hit the fan!! Well I don't love it if it will make drama but hopefully it goes down a few days before the wedding so everyone is cool by the wedding. Your inlaws are going to flip (and say 1000 Hail Marys...lol)!!!!

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wow rebecca! that is crazy!

i'll be hoping that it doesnt cause you any trouble, altho it doesnt sound like it will. good thing chris wants to stay out of it! smart man you've got there :)

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Originally Posted by becks View Post
You guys want to see some good family drama? Pull up a chair and bring a camera because it ain't gonna get any better than this!!!

Omgosh! Too funny! :)
I hear what your FI says by not telling them! :) It's gonna be really interesting to watch! :)
We have a couple that have been freinds of our family for eons now that just went through a divorce and the lady is now on a mission to find a hot boyfriend. They're both coming to the wedding and she keeps saying, Seat us as FAR away from eachother as possible! It's gonna be nuts! LOL
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