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paradisus Punta Cana Brides

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We are back and the resort and Viviana were great!!!!

Don't worry about little stuff because they do this every day and everything will work out. I can not wait to go back- I was doing a beach wedding but due to a last minute rain shower I moved it to the lobby garden area and it was amazing. I wish I thought of it earlier because its all open in the garden and the pictures were just as nice as if we were on the beach. The sun did come out so all our pictures are on the beach after but the resort is great!!!

We used alberfura (steak restaurant) as our reception and it was such a graet idea. We had 25 people and we did tables of 2's and 3's and we had a dance floor, etc

It was perfect- we did upgrade some stuff- we had open bar, dj, firedancers, and a buffet dinner, dessert stands

It was such a great choice

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That is sso great Lisa! I hate that we weren't able to bump into you guys before we left for our PPR honeymoon!


I just posted my PPC wedding review and I'm so glad that yours was great too!


I was worried about rain showers as well (it sprinkled the morning of our wedding, but was clear by 3pm) but I knew the lobby location would be great if we had to move it!


I can't wait to see pics from your wedding and reception, chica!!!

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Otis - Thank you for all your support AND CONSISTENCY GIVING THE DETAILS - I am new to the site but been following the both of you holding my breathe waiting for you to come back and hear your experience!! You really really are making the journey getting there that much better.


Congratulations and I look forward to hearing more!!! :)

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Hey everyone,


Congratulations to those that have gotten married! I have reserved the date of February 28, 2009 at PPC, but I am considering changing the date to sometime in November. We are afraid that our guests will not be able to come, due to rising prices and we are hoping that waiting until November will enough time for the economy to stabilize itself a little bit. I don't know...I'm so frustrated!


Anyway, has anyone gotten married or visited Puna Cana in the month of November? What was the weather like? Is this off season as far as tourists are concerned?


I'd appreciate any info!




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