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I'm suddenly considering trying to make a wedding banner for our reception. Me and FI got into a huge argument about our proper name introduction. He wants us to be introduced as Mr. and Mrs. John Doe........but I am choosing to hyphenate my name so I wanted us to be introduced as Mr. John Doe and Mrs. Jane Day-Doe.......


To make a long story short, he's not having that, so we decided to compromise and have his introduction, but something at the reception site letting people know what my full name is, so i thought that maybe a wedding banner would be a good idea. Now the problem is, how the heck do you make it!!


Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!!

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I don't know if have enough time, but I ordered mine for my Welcome Party from Oriental Trading Company. Maybe someone that is more crafty than I am will have a good DIY suggestion for you...

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Originally Posted by Alyssa View Post
are you priting menus for each place setting?

or doing favors at each place setting?

why not just do it there?

The menus and placesettings have already been printed. This subject just recently came up between me and FI. I'm thinking that since I'm running out of time, maybe I'll just do a really large picture frame and use a tripod to stand it right in front of the reception venue. i dunno.

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