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New Cabo Bride

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There's some great info on this site!


I'm a new bride from Dallas and plan on getting married in Cabo on October 20, 2007. It seems like no one else on this site is getting married in October?!? Is it a bad Cabo wedding month?


Right now I'm looking at several resorts:

Playa Grande

Hilton Los Cabos

Sharaton Hacienda del Mar



Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach


I hope to find a location where I can have an elegant wedding (no feet in the sand...) I'd love a chapel, but it's not totally neccesary. I'd like the reception to be outdoors on a terrace(?) overlooking the ocean...I think there will probably be about 75-100 people....ANY IDEAS ARE WELCOME!!! :)


I'm looking forward to chatting with some new and experinced Cabo brides!



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I'm getting married at the Sheraton at the Fiesta palapa. I didn't want my toes in the sand either. If I can help you with any info on the Sheraton let me know. TammyM is also getting married there and she's very helpful.


Good luck!

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Hey Linz,

I'm getting married at Dreams Cabo on October 28th.. all the Sats were booked in October so SOMEBODY's getting married then. :)


I think it's going to be a great time of year.. 90's during the day and 70's at night. My thought was Oct or Nov, but by Nov people are already getting busy with the holidays. If there is any bad weather in Cabo, I think it's usually Aug or Sept so Oct felt really safe.


I haven't gotten very far with my plans, but please let me know if I can help at all.



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welcome3.gif Linz, you will find this forum so helpful...excellent choice on Cabo...I am getting married at Dreams in May and also didnt want feet in the sand more of an elegant wedding so were getting married in a church and our reception will be at the Oceana terrace as for chapels i think the only hotels that have one are



pueblo bonita

and One and Only which has an amazing chapel but it is a very expensive place to stay at but if u can afford it than id totally reccommend one and only

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