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Riu Palace Photographer

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Hi everyone


I am wondering if anyone has had photography or any information done by the photographer at the Riu Palace in Cabo. My wedding is May 9th...I was planning on having my uncle who does photography as a hobby do my wedding photos for me......however his father as recently become very ill, so it is kind of up in the air as whether or not he will be able to attend the wedding. I am pretty panicked and do not know what to do....any advice ladies? I would also be open to having an outside photographer do the pictures...but I am concerned that this while be impossible because it is such short notice. Any information or advice we be greatly appreciated.



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Can the Riu Palace send you a link of his work? If not, you can do what I did. Which I hired Gilda for a couple of hours (highly, highly recommended) and used the hotel's photographer for our wedding dinner photos and some other shots on the beach. I'm so glad I made that decision, even though the photographer at the Riu Santa Fe was very nice and offered us some nice photos I wouldn't of been happy if he had done our wedding photos.


Gilda's info:



USA ... 619 378 0034

office.. (52) 624 144 4227

cel......(52) 624 355 3400

zaragoza y 16 de septiembre local 3

Cabo San Lucas B.C.S.

cp 23450 Mexico


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