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  1. ... I just worked at the Westin a few months ago... the beach is in fantastic shape...
  2. ... check out the Westin for sure. The really neat (at least to me) thing about the Westin is it's location. It's at the far southern tip of the strip... far away from all the other big "party" hotels. The beach there is huge and flat. the scene there is very mellow... nothing like the Spring break atmosphere of the hotels further up the beach...
  3. Helland Photographs

    Rehearsal Dinner at Panchos

    ... another great spot for a rehearsal dinner is Sancho Panza. It's a Cuban wine bar and restaurant. Awesome!
  4. Helland Photographs

    Riu Palace Photographer

    ... Congrats... whatever you decide to do... not a good idea to hire a friend or family member...
  5. Helland Photographs

    Pics w/ groom before ceremony? Taboo?

    ... I shoot "the moment" a couple hours before the actual wedding at 99% of my weddings. 100% of these couples say it was the best thing they ever could have done! there are only advantages to doing this... go to A Garry Helland Photograph Hit "the moment" link to see examples
  6. Helland Photographs

    Rehearsal Dinner at Panchos

    ... Congrats... Panchos is fun. I did'nt know there were so many different Taquilas!!! Check out Mi Casa however. Even better!! I've shot a hundred rehersal dinners there... they LOVE to do them and really make it easy for the bride/groom...
  7. Helland Photographs

    My Wedding is at Cabo Del Sol... Where should I stay?

    ... Congrats... Cabo Del Sol is fantastic for weddings. Contact me directly and I'll get tons of photos from there... You will LOVE THE SHERATON!! Stay in one of the bungalow rooms; buildings 28, 29, 30, 31... don't stay in the main tower. Also... Cabo Azul is INCREDABLE!!
  8. Helland Photographs

    Off to St. Thomas and St. John

    Hello again... If you're still there make sure to see Gallows Point on St. John...
  9. Helland Photographs

    WTH? Ever hear of Desire Resort?

    ... Desires has been in Business for a couple years now... basically they tore down the old Fiesta Inn and built Desires... whatever! A wedding there might be interesting. You'll be surrounded by alot of naked (not all of them attractive) people...
  10. Helland Photographs

    St Thomas & St John

    ... another great wedding spot on St John is Gallows Point (google it).
  11. Helland Photographs

    St. John USVI Wedding Planners

    Contact Stacy at USVI Wedding. Her number is 340-693-7362.
  12. Helland Photographs

    Any opinions with Half Moon/Rose Hall Resort??

    Hey there... sounds like you guys finally decided against Cabo... Half Moon? I 'm doing a wedding there May 25th... I'll let you know how it goes... Gary
  13. Helland Photographs

    Baja Wedding

    ... you would have loved (Baja Weddings) Coleen and John. You do get (surprize) what you pay for... Memories happen once...
  14. Helland Photographs

    SO Excited!

    ... good choices... Once you've gone to Fiesta Americana, drive a couple hundred yards and check out the Sheraton (they do better weddings...) and the Cabo Real Golf Club... both are way better for weddings... they won't throw so many "road blocks" at you...
  15. Helland Photographs

    Dreams symbolic ceremony

    ... another great referral for the ceremony is Sergio Morales. He is the exclusive wedding planner at Cabo Azul. He is fully legal in doing the ceremony... I have done over 200 weddings with him... Amazing! Ask him about the "ceremony of the roses". There won't be a dry eye in the house. Contact me directly if you want his personal, direct number.