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  1. Thanks for the info....I will check them out!!!
  2. Hi everyone I am wondering if anyone has had photography or any information done by the photographer at the Riu Palace in Cabo. My wedding is May 9th...I was planning on having my uncle who does photography as a hobby do my wedding photos for me......however his father as recently become very ill, so it is kind of up in the air as whether or not he will be able to attend the wedding. I am pretty panicked and do not know what to do....any advice ladies? I would also be open to having an outside photographer do the pictures...but I am concerned that this while be impossible because it is such short notice. Any information or advice we be greatly appreciated. thanks!!!!
  3. Hi Ladies This seems like kind of stupid question...but oh well here it goes!! I was just wondering how to set up the setting the tables for my reception. I plan on having table numbers and name cards on the tables....but do I need to have some kind of board listing who is sitting at what table at the welcome table?? How do people know where to sit without just wondering looking for their name on a card at some table? The seating is kind of an issue bc FI parents are divorced and it could be a little awkward. We are having 48 guests. HELP!!!
  4. I am getting married at riu palace (next door to the santa fe) in May. I experienced the same confusion when started making my plans.....this is my current understanding....the reception included in the Caprice package is not considered 'private' meaning that if you have the reception at one of the restaurants, other guests who are staying at the hotel may also be in the same dinning area. However I am having my wedding on the terrace at the mexican restaurant and it has a 70 person capacity, and my guest numbers are similar to yours...meaning that there will likely be no guests that want to sit out on the terrace and be the hanging around the reception area. So basically from understanding the extra costs only come into to place if you want to make the reception a private event. Does that make sense? Let me know if you have anymore questions....I can share what I know so far!!! Also just a warning, it seems like the Riu likes to tac on a lot of extra charges...so be careful!
  5. I am getting married there in May and I have been reading the same mixed reviews! I have been emailing Daniela frequently lately and she is always very responsive to my emails...so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with!
  6. Does anyone know if they put flowers on the tables at the San Jose Restaurant at the Riu Palace? I have seen photos of the centerpieces that are used for the head table...but I am wondering if flowers are also placed on the rest of tables at the reception? ?
  7. Congrats on setting the date! I am getting married there in May so i will hellp you out with whatever information I have/get.
  8. Hi Girls! I have noticed that many of the brides on here have added starfish bouquet jewelry to their bouquet's.......I think that they are really beautiful and I am wondering if where you have purchased them from? I was just reading on another thread about them being pasted down from one BDW bride to another....which I think is really a nice idea....however I think I would just like to purchase one so I could have it as a keepsake from my wedding. If you guys could post some info about where I can buy one that would be great!!! Thanks Andrea
  9. beautiful picture! can't wait to see more and read your review!
  10. Thanks! I am glad you had such a great experience and gorgeous wedding.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Lagen Great information everyone! I'd love to keep this going. Is the 2-story suite the one with the hot tub on the terrace? Is the room worth the extra money? How private is the Mexican terrace? It looks cramped in some of the pictures I've seen too. I'm wondering why it's such a popular location for hte reception. I'm guessing it's the view and no fee for the location. Is that correct? I opted for the English Garden because it's very private. I don't want to feel like I'm at a resort with other people at the reception so I want something private and quiet. Did anyone get a discount for group booking of rooms? We got a deal with our packages through our travel agent....every 16th flight/room booked was free.....so we had the money credited back to us and divided among all of our guests, it worked out to about $80.00 off per person....not a lot, but every little bit helps. I am sure you probably could get better deals because you are closer to Cabo. Hope that helps.
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