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Any Young and the Restless Fans? **updated with fan site info**

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I have been watching it since I was 4, LMAO, but I am still lost, so I don't think it makes a difference how long you have been watching it.

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lol..I'm here. I'm gonna get some updates this weekend hopefully-Ive been out of the loop tryin to get with my new work out regimen and some other crap. I talked to Daniel Monday night, but nothing about the show, so I'll see what I can find out from the site sources. I DO know that all is not what it seems, and Lily has a "HUGE" storyline coming up which will ultimately "bisect" with Cane's. Both Daniel and Christel (Cane & Lily) are really really excited about what's coming up for their characters this summer and very optimistic that the fans will be pleased. That's all I know for now- hang tight!

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Originally Posted by YoursTruly View Post
I came across this info for anyone interested...Hot off The Press….Here's a summertime treat! The Young and the Restless's Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) and Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) are set to get all wet! Well, maybe not, but they'll be appearing at the 'hurricane harbor' water park at Six Flags - Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey on July 26!
As part of the Soap Opera Festival that day, the two amazing Y&R actors will appear in shows at both 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM!
I totally forgot to mention this! lol I'm going to this, to cover the appearance for the site (and get some NY shopping done? lol). I'm gonna take massive pics...PLEASE let me know if any of you NY state BDW brides will be there-would love to meet up!

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Found Some Spoilers (Please don't read if you Hate Spoilers):


Nina learns information that makes her suspicious of Cane's identity.


Cane asks Kay to stop Nina's inquiries!


Cane places a frantic call to Australia!


An order is made for the exhumation of Phillip III - the reveal sends Nina into shock!


Jana and Daniel wind up under arrest. When Daniel manages to get out on bail, it upsets someone!


Mac ends her engagement to Raul, since she still loves Billy.


Chloe discovers Mac at Billy's.


Sharon's baby daddy is revealed!


Victor confronts Nick about breaking up his family.


Ashley and Victor are appalled to discover that Adam has a tape of Sabrina's voice!


Adam scrambles when he winds up with no botox right before the doctor examines him.


When he realizes that Rafe may be onto him, Adam tries to distract him by flirting!




Mary Jane starts to believe her relationship with Jack is more serious than it is!


Mac makes a heartbreaking choice between Billy and Raul!


Summer Peeks!


Adam continues to gun for both Victor and Jack!


Sharon's paternity news rocks two families!


We find out who Mary Jane really is! For the reveal read here!


Cane and Lily's perfect world is at risk! See an interview with the stars that play them here!


More Chancellor secrets come to light!

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Oh, and Chris Egen/Adam, is choosing to end his contract. He doesn't like the direction (or lack thereof more accurately) that they are taking his character. The show is letting him out of the legal ramifications, so its an amicable split.

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Oh okay--must be why his story will not be dragged out (thank God). There seems to be a lot of rumbles of his story line so fans probably voiced their frustrations too! I did not like him much anyway

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Spoileres for the week of June 22, 2009:


Thanks to Adam, Estella is charged with harming Ashley!


Adam drops the bottle of botox before he can inject himself again. Dr. Donahue examines him and tells him that he will become permanently blind if he continues to inject himself.


Rafe is stunned when a desperate Adam confesses that he has feelings for him!


Mac reveals that her engagement with Raul is off.


Chloe is stunned when she walks in on Billy and Mac in his bedroom!


Sharon receives the DNA rest results. The baby is... Nick's! (how convenient)


Cane uses Phillip's blood when Nina forces him take a DNA test. (which makes NO sense..since now he won't be a match for Jill's)


Daniel gets out on bail, and someone's not pleased by this.


COMING: Adam's actions continue to cause major drama for the Newman clan!


Personally? My money is on this Phillip being a fake, only Cane doesn't realize it. Cane is the real deal and has no idea, so he's covering his ass all over hell and back for no reason. It would explain a lot, especially if he used his blood for the very first test two years ago; would explain why it didn't match Jill's. Then with the second test, he had nothing else to lose and used his own....and bingo a match, which he probably thought was a fluke or a messed up result. I'm not sure where they are going with this, but Daniel says it's "Huge and explosive", so I'm ready to ride the wave.

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