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I actually bought my flowers from this site as well. The only thing I would be sure of is to make sure you get real touch and not any of the "specialty" flowers if you want them to look real. I ordered all real touch, but somehow ended up getting some specialty in my centerpieces and had to send them back. Also, they put some filler in the bouquet that looked very unreal (super shiny and plastic looking). Overall, I think they did a great job with putting the flowers together, but I would just be leary of which flowers you get.


They told me that the orchids, calla lilies and some of their lilies are made out of foam/latex, which in my opinion looks the best and most real. Something to keep in mind when ordering. I had peonies and I didn't feel they looked and felt real even though they were "real touch". They are taking them back however, which was really nice and adding some "real" looking flowers such as orchids and calla lilies, to make the whole set look better. I think this will help TONS. I will post pictures once they are done. I think everything will turn out fine in the end, just a lesson learned.


Also, one last suggestion, I wish I would have ordered one of their bouquets they have featured in their showcase so that I knew exactly what I was getting. Anyways, these are all just my opinions/experience and I wanted to share.


Again, they have been really nice in taking the flowers back and making adjustments to them, so that is a huge plus. I realized, what looks great in a photo, looks totally different when you get it in personsad.gif. Keep your fingers crossed they look great the second time around. I am pretty nervous still.


Good luck ladies!

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