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  1. We rented the IPOD set up the offered too. It was GREAT! I made a playlist and just had a friend anounce us and such. I thought about buying one and bringing it down with us but in the end I just didnt want to add one more thing to carry down there!
  2. We did a lot of our pictures together before the wedding. Our wedding was at 6pm and i wanted to make sure I got some shots with bright sun. We had our wedding at Gazebo 55 and after we took some group shots. Our reception was at 7 at Tucanes. After group pics and stuff we just sent everyone over to Tucanes to wait while we did some shots of us on the rocks and stuff to the right of gazebo 55 . This was at about 6:45 and they just served them drinks until we arived. I was SO happy we did most of our pictures early but I know that is not for everyone. I will also say that i was SO happy
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by amandances Hi Ladies! I'm approaching the 6 month mark and trying to settle on a photographer. Our Wedding is March 29th. Sarani is the only one of the "approved" vendors I liked but she herself has been booked since we first booked EDR last March. Her two associate photographers James and Lunic are available but I don't know if I like their work as much. Did anyone use them??? If you didn't use the "approved" photographers were there any outside photographers you liked? We'd be willing to spend the 3 night stay rate for someone really good. Also if you do
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by jennifandr5 Hi Ladies, Does anyone have any advice on communicating at the resort with eachother? I know some people mentioned hey tell- but doesnt that use wifi? I know it was mentioned that the wifi is spotty so did anyone come up with a system that works if our guests dont want to pay for wifi? Also, if you turn off your cell data on your iphone then will the text messages still go through? Is that also based on wifi? And another question is about high heels in sand! We are having our ceremony at gazebo 55 and we will have the bamboo runner.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by JenniferM Does anyone know for the BBQ menu that is offered for private events, are all of the items listed included or is it pick and choose? So for example will we need to choose to meats and two veggies, etc. We did the petit gormet which is very similar to the BBQ and it was fantastic! There was as TON of food! We did not do a cake either because we already had so many other choices. I loved that they were there cooking the meat and it was not precooked! My favorite thing was the choclate cups filled with fruit! They were so good!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by JenniferM Oh and does anyone know about the kayaking and paddle boats that are advertised on their website? Are there really paddle boats and where do you put in at? Don't the sandbags get in the way? Yes there are paddle boats. They have a group class thing you can take at 10 am I think. My friends tried a few times but they class was always full and they would not let you sign up ahead of time. I think you can just take them out any other time as long as it is not too windy. We went snorkeling once and saw NO FISH! then the next day we saw a ton f
  7. I did not pay for sheers but did buy the hanging flowers and they were very pretty. I brought my own chairbows and they just charged me $1 a chair to put them on which came out tons cheaper than $5 a chair. We had our welcome dinner at Cocotal and did not do any decorcations and I am not sure if anyone really noticed. Looking back at pictures they put a large candle in the center. They put is in the back section of the restaruant. They were pretty empty for dinner the night we went so it seemed private but it may just have been that night. Where is the welcome party at? We had
  8. Funny thing is when I asked about the smallest cake I was not offered this. I was told the $60 one that fed 6 people was the smallest we could get... It still amazes me how inconsistent they are about what they offer and prices...
  9. I had the Profiterols Dorado with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and pepper foam. I was not really a big fan. The only part i liked was the chocolate. The profiterols were very dry! It was one of my least favorite desserts of the trip!
  10. Ok so it has been almost 2 months from my wedding and I am finally getting around posting on here. First off I will say I LOVED EDR. The resort was AMAZING! I would recommend it to anyone! We stayed in a swim up casita and it was amazing! The only thing that was kind of a drag was how far we were from the rest of our guests. We arrived the Thursday before our Sunday wedding and stayed until the Friday after. I decided just to stay the whole time at the casitas instead of trying to change rooms and avoid the hassle of checking in again. It was so worth it! We spent a lot of time at the
  11. Not sure if it is luck or what but I have not waited for lunch or dinner yet! As far as the sand bags, yes they are there but they don't bother me! I would recommend this place to anyone! More details when I get back but me and all my guests love it!!!!
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